OpenViBE SDK Technical Documentation (CertiViBE)

This page provides the public documents made in the CertiViBE project that concern the OpenViBE 2.0 SDK.

The CertiViBE project

The largest improvements introduced in OpenViBE 2.0 have been made in the CertiViBE project, a joint effort between Inria and Mensia Technologies. The CertiViBE project aims to enable building medical devices based on OpenViBE (standard IEC 62304:2006 Medical device software). A significant amount of the work has centered on robustness, quality assurance, predictable behavior and error handling of the software, as well as documentation and testing.

In the scope of the project, the OpenViBE kernel has been heavily refactored and simplified, as well as optimized, to allow easier maintainability, scalability and future development with a more gentle learning curve for new software developers. In addition, the project has produced extensive documentation such as Software Definition, Software Requirements and Software Architecture documents (see below). An extensive amount of new tests have been specified and implemented. The parts of documentation and tests that intend to serve medical certification purposes will remain proprietary and be made available on contractual basis. However, the technical documentation that is relevant to the scientific audiences and more casual BCI hackers will be released to the public along with the source code of the SDK.

Technical documentation

The following documents are currently available for public,

Definitions and specifications

Architecture and design documentation


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