To download an install OpenViBE, or to compile it from sources, see the various links on the downloads page.

Using OpenViBE

These documents describe how to work with different OpenViBE applications and components. Tutorials and examples make a good starting point.

In addition, the OpenViBE FAQ answers many common questions.

Video tutorials


Acquisition Server documentation

Designer documentation

Tracker documentation

Various publications, slides, etc

Box documentation

Example scenarios

Connecting OpenViBE and other applications

Miscellaneous manual pages

Modifying OpenViBE

Developers interested in changing the OpenViBE source code can find information about the developer tools and internal mechanisms of OpenViBE in this section.

Source code handling

Architecture and practices

Acquisition drivers

Box plugins

Data formats documentation

Developer tools

Code snippet

Knowledge base

Various documents that may be of use.



Design notes


Deprecated and old documents

Version migration instructions

DoxyGen Documentation

Lastly, DoxyGen documentation contains description of the c++ code for the latest OpenViBE version.

Similarly, the box documentation contains the complete description of all OpenViBE Boxes.

Doxygen documentation for older OpenViBE versions is also available.