OpenViBE 0.16.0 available for immediate download

The OpenViBE Team is proud to announce a new release of our software. The new version is 0.16.0 and can be downloaded on the Downloads page.


Many thanks to our contributors for their continuos support.

  • Anton Andreev / Gipsa-lab / CNRS – New g.Tec gUSBamp driver
  • Nicolas Bourdaud – contributions to Debian packaging compatibility
  • NeuroSky – providing a NeuroSky Mobile device for debugging

Release Notes

This release brings many changes aimed at developers.

OpenViBE license is changing

License has been changed to AGPLv3 in order to simplify the licenses

New functionalities have been added to Acquisition Server and the Designer

New EEG devices: NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile is now supported

New boxes: Auto-Regressive Coefficients, Timeout, and Stimulus Voter

Scores of bugfixes all across the board, fixing issues of varying severity.

The build system has been updated

Our new build system now leverages CMake to its full potential. It provides full Microsoft Visual Studio IDE support including visual debugging. Other IDEs which support CMake (such as Qt Creator) can now import OpenViBE and build, launch and debug its code directly from within the IDE. You can read more about the IDE integration in our Knowledge Base.

Source distribution now includes files to build a basic Debian/Ubuntu/Mint binary package.

Source code has been reorganized

New source code directory organization that is easier to grasp for new developers. The old-style branches have been removed in favor of standard SCM branches.

Other notable changes

OpenViBE will now write into system dedicated application configuration folder (“%APPDATA%/openvibe/” on Windows, “$HOME/.config/openvibe” on Linux) instead of writing directly into your HOME directory.

A new time arithmetic class has been added to facilitate conversions from openvibe time to standard time and vice versa.

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