parse_error Class Reference

Inherits exception.

Public Member Functions

 parse_error (const char *what, void *where)
 Constructs parse error.
virtual const char * what () const throw ()
template<class Ch >
Ch * where () const

Detailed Description

Parse error exception. This exception is thrown by the parser when an error occurs. Use what() function to get human-readable error message. Use where() function to get a pointer to position within source text where error was detected.

If throwing exceptions by the parser is undesirable, it can be disabled by defining RAPIDXML_NO_EXCEPTIONS macro before rapidxml.hpp is included. This will cause the parser to call rapidxml::parse_error_handler() function instead of throwing an exception. This function must be defined by the user.

This class derives from std::exception class.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* what ( ) const
throw (

Gets human readable description of error.

Pointer to null terminated description of the error.
Ch* where ( ) const

Gets pointer to character data where error happened. Ch should be the same as char type of xml_document that produced the error.

Pointer to location within the parsed string where error occured.

Referenced by xml_node< Ch >::insert_attribute(), and xml_node< Ch >::insert_node().