Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CBufferedClientA messaging client base class thats associated with a buffer of chunks
 CPullClientA class dedicated to pulling data from an External Processing Box
 CPushClientA client dedicated to pushing data towards an External Processing Box
 CCAbstractVrpnPeripheralA VRPN peripheral abstraction, client side
 CChunkBase class for all OpenViBE stream content (chunk) types
 CEncodedChunkData class for encoded chunks
 CCLogListenerTrackerLog listener wrapper for CLogListenerDesigner that can be called from multiple threads
 CCodecFactoryA factory class for obtaining encoders and decoders for streams
 CCOgreVRApplicationBasic framework to design VR applications
 CCHandballBCIOgre application for the Handball application
 CCSpaceshipBCIOgre application for the application "Use-The-Force"
 CContextedThis class can be used to provide KernelContext and related getters for derived classes without overly complicating the derived class interface in their headers
 CBoxAlgorithmProxyThis proxy is needed in order to use the stream codecs from the toolkit
 CBoxAdapterA partially abstract class allowing processing data with OpenViBE boxes using a simple interface
 CBoxAdapterBundleA box adapter that reads from a StreamBundle and writes to another StreamBundle
 CBoxAdapterGenericStreamWriterA specific wrapper for Generic Stream Writer allowing to write tracks as .ov files from the Tracker
 CBoxAdapterStreamA box adapter that reads from a Stream and writes to another Stream, having effect equivalent to outStream = process(inStream);
 CBoxPluginsBox Plugins is a factory-like class that keeps a list of box plugins that can be 'applied' to streams in Tracker
 CDecoderAdapter< T, TOOLKITDECODER >This decoder is a wrapper over the decoders in OpenViBEToolkit
 CDemuxerDemuxes (and decodes) EBML streams
 CEBMLSourceFileReads bytes from an .ov file
 CEncoderAdapter< T, TOOLKITENCODER >Adapter to use implementations from Toolkit
 CGUIThe main GUI code for the OpenViBE Tracker
 CTrackerPluginChannelCheckExample of a Tracker plugin processing given Workspaces. It checks if all selected signal streams in all tracks have the same number of channels
 CTrackerPluginCountStimulationsExample of a Tracker plugin that processes given tracks. It counts the occurrences of different stimulations in each stimulation stream
 CProcessorA signal processing component that can receive/return data
 CProcExternalProcessingA processor implemented by passing data to/from External Processing Boxes inserted into Designer scenarios
 CSelectionSome convenience functions for Track/Stream selections
 CStreamBaseAbstract, non-typed base class for Streams
 CStream< T >A container class representing a stream of OpenViBE
 CStreamBundleStreamBundle is a container of one or more typed streams. It corresponds to a 'track' in Tracker and can represent an .ov file
 CStreamRendererBaseAbstract, non-typed class for visually rendering the Streams in the Tracker GUI
 CStreamRendererLabelRenderer for any stream that is simply visualized as a labeled widget
 CStreamRendererChannelLocalizationRenderer for Channel Localization streams
 CStreamRendererChannelUnitsRenderer for Channel Units streams
 CStreamRendererExperimentInformationRenderer for Experiment Information streams
 CStreamRendererMatrixRenderer for Matrix streams
 CStreamRendererNothingRenders nothing, to avoid null ptrs when we don't want even a label rendered
 CStreamRendererSignalRenderer for Signal streams
 CStreamRendererSpectrumRenderer for Spectrum streams
 CStreamRendererStimulationRenderer for Stimulation streams
 CTrackerTracker is the main class of OpenViBE Tracker that encapsulates the Workspace
 CTrackerBoxImplements OpenViBE::Kernel::IBox
 CTrackerBoxProtoImplements OpenViBE::Kernel::IBoxProto
 CTrackerBoxAlgorithmContextImplements OpenViBE::Kernel::IBoxAlgorithmContext
 CTrackerPlayerContextImplements OpenViBE::Kernel::IPlayerContext
 CTrackerPluginsContainer class for currently registered Tracker plugins. These plugins get direct access to StreamBundles (i.e. full track content)
 CWorkspaceWorkspace is a set of Tracks (StreamBundles) that contain the .ov file content that the user wants to work with
 CDecoderBaseBase, non-typed abstract class for decoders
 CDecoder< T >Decoder for a specific type T
 CDecoderImplFallback class for invalid situations
 CEncoderBaseBase, non-typed abstract class for encoders
 CEncoder< T >Encoder class taking in typed Stream and it into EBML-containing encoded chunks
 CEncoderImpl< TYPENAME >Fallback class for invalid situations
 CEncoderImpl< T >
 CGenericVRPNServerA class providing a very simple generic VRPN server capable of creating Analog and Button controls
 CGUI::GUITrackHolds the renderers for each stream of a Track, and the correspondig GTK table for the widgets
 CIBoxIOProxyThis proxy is intended for reusing codecs from the toolkit. it'd be more elegant not to duplicate this interface as a very similar one is already implemented in BoxAdapterHelper. however unifying the two would need some work
 CIDriverBase class for all the OpenViBE acquisition server drivers
 CIDriverCallbackBase class for all the OpenViBE acquisition server driver callbacks
 CIDriverContextBase class for kernel functioanlities access from the driver classes
 CIHeaderBase class for an OpenViBE header container
 Cmemory_pool< Ch >
 Cxml_document< Ch >
 CPropertyBase class for properties. A property is essentially a <name,value> pair
 CshowMatrixListGeneric template that can be used to draw lists of any stream that derives from the matrix type. might refactor somewhere else
 CspoolImplPush chunks in a specified interval to a renderer
 CStreamFactoryA factory method returning an empty Stream object of the requested type
 CStreamRendererFactoryFactory method for getting Stream Renderers of different types
 CTestClassClass to try out stuff in the Tracker
 CTrackerBoxIOImplements OpenViBE::Kernel::IBoxIO
 CTypeChannelLocalizationAbstact class defining chunk types for Channel Localization streams
 CTypeChannelUnitsAbstact class defining chunk types for Channel Units streams
 CTypeErrorAbstract class for error situations
 CTypeExperimentInformationAbstact class defining chunk types for Experiment Information streams
 CTypeFeatureVectorAbstact class defining chunk types for Feature Vector streams
 CTypeMatrixAbstact class defining chunk types for Matrix streams
 CTypeSignalAbstact class defining chunk types for Signal streams
 CTypeSpectrumAbstact class defining chunk types for Spectrum streams
 CTypeStimulationAbstact class defining chunk types for Stimulation streams
 CWorkspaceNotesAn overly complicated wrapper for a text string
 Cxml_base< Ch >
 Cxml_attribute< Ch >
 Cxml_node< Ch >
 Cxml_document< Ch >