Stream Switch


  • Plugin name : Stream Switch
  • Version : 1.1
  • Author : Laurent Bonnet
  • Company : INRIA
  • Short description : Redirect its input on a particular output
  • Documentation template generation date : Apr 11 2018


This box act as a switch between N possible outputs for its Streamed Matrix input. N Stimulation settings trigger the switch.

The Stream Switch box redirects a Streamed Matrix input to one particular output according to stimulation received. Each output is triggered by a specific stimulation, detailed in the box settings.

Note 1: if the same stimulation is used by 2 or more outputs, only the first output will be activated when receiving the stimulation. Note 2: at startup, none of the outputs is activated, unless 'Default to output 1' has been set to true in the box configuration.


1. Triggers

Stimulations to switch from one output to another.

  • Type identifier : Stimulations (0x6f752dd0, 0x082a321e)

2. Matrix

The stream to redirect. It can be any Streamed Matrix subtype.

  • Type identifier : Streamed matrix (0x544a003e, 0x6dcba5f6)


The box can have 2 or more outputs, all have the same type as the input stream.

1. Output

The first possible output.

  • Type identifier : Streamed matrix (0x544a003e, 0x6dcba5f6)

2. Output

The second possible output.

  • Type identifier : Streamed matrix (0x544a003e, 0x6dcba5f6)


The box has a stimulation setting for each of its outputs. Each such setting dictates the stimulation that activates the corresponding output.

1. Default to output 1

If this flag is set to true, the box will output to the first channel by default without requiring a stimulus first.

  • Type identifier : Boolean (0x2cdb2f0b, 0x12f231ea)
  • Default value : [ false ]

2. Switch stim for output 1

The first possible switch trigger.

  • Type identifier : Stimulation (0x2c132d6e, 0x44ab0d97)
  • Default value : [ OVTK_StimulationId_Label_00 ]

3. Switch stim for output 2

The second possible switch trigger.

  • Type identifier : Stimulation (0x2c132d6e, 0x44ab0d97)
  • Default value : [ OVTK_StimulationId_Label_01 ]


The scenario stream-switch.xml in share/openvibe/scenarios/box-tutorials is a simple, commented example.

The Stream Switch can be used in more complex situations as well, for example in an online classifier comparison scenario. The scenario motor-imagery-5-classifier-comparison.xml in share/openvibe/scenarios/bci-examples/motor-imagery is a commented example of such a situation.