Class Hierarchy
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 CCAbstractVrpnPeripheralA VRPN peripheral abstraction, client side
 CCErrorManagerError manager kernel default implementation
 CCIdentifierBase class to work with EBML identifiers
 CCIdentifierGlobally used identification classThis class is the basic class to use in order to identify objects in the OpenViBE platform. It can be used for class identification, for object identification and any user needed identification process
 CCMessagingThe purpose of this class is to provide a communication protocol to exchange EBML between a client and a server
 CCMetaboxObjectDescThe CMetaboxObjectDesc virtual BoxAlgorithmDesc for metaboxes
 CCNameValuePairListThis class handles a list of name/value pairs. It handles a (hidden) map associating string keys to string values.This class avoids the need to include stl's map header file in the C++ interface, thus preventing potential compile/link errors when dynamically loading modules
 CCObservableOpenViBE Observable class
 CIBoxComplete OpenViBE box interfaceThis interface can be used in order to fully describe an OpenViBE black box. It describes its identification values, its inputs, its outputs and its settings
 CCOgreVRApplicationBasic framework to design VR applications
 CCHandballBCIOgre application for the Handball application
 CCSpaceshipBCIOgre application for the application "Use-The-Force"
 CCStringString class to avoid std::string in the interfaceThis class helps avoiding std::string being present in exposed C++ interface, eventually resulting in compile/link errors when dynamically loading modules
 CErrorTypeList of error types
 CGenericVRPNServerA class providing a very simple generic VRPN server capable of creating Analog and Button controls
 CICommandBase abstract struct for commandsA command is an object that encapsulates all necessary information to perform an action later one. Typically, a command implementation should contain an implementation of CommandInterface interface, and a list of properties
 CInitCommandCommand that drives the initialization of the toolInitCommand class contains the following properties:
 CLoadKernelCommandCommand that drives kernel loadingLoadKernelCommand contains the following properties:
 CLoadScenarioCommandCommand that drives scenario loadingLoadScenarioCommand contains the following properties:
 CResetCommandCommand that drives tool reset to its initial state
 CRunScenarioCommandCommand that drives the execution of a list of scenariosRunScenarioCommand contains the following properties:
 CSetupScenarioCommandCommand that drives the setup of a scenarioSetupScenarioCommand contains the following properties:
 CICommandParserBase abstract class for command parserCommand parsers aim at parsing a list of commands from a specific input
 CCommandFileParserParser implementation that parses command a fileThe current implementation retrieves the list of commands from a file
 CCommandLineOptionParserParser implementation that parses command from command-line argumentsThe current implementation retrieves the options from a ProgramOptions parser and simply builds the commands from the parsed options
 CIConfigurationKeywordExpandCallbackCallback used for overriding a keyword in IConfigurationManager
 CIConnectionParallelPossibility to communicate with a parallel port. On Windows, you must have TVicPort library installed (available for free:
 CIDriverBase class for all the OpenViBE acquisition server drivers
 CIDriverCallbackBase class for all the OpenViBE acquisition server driver callbacks
 CIDriverContextBase class for kernel functioanlities access from the driver classes
 CIHeaderBase class for an OpenViBE header container
 CIObjectBase class for all the OpenViBE platform objects
 CIKernelLoaderThis class allows an OpenViBE application to load a kernel module
 CIMatrixBasic OpenViBE matrix interface
 CIMemoryBufferBasic OpenViBE memory buffer interface
 CIStimulationSetBasic OpenViBE stimulation set interface
 CIKernelObjectBase class for all kernel objects
 CIPluginObjectBase class for plugin objectThis class is the base class for all the concrete plugin classes that extend the OpenViBE platform. It comes with several basic functions each plugin should have in order to work in the OpenViBE platform
 CIPluginObjectDescBase class for plugin descriptorThis class is the base class for all the plugin description classes. It contains basic functions that could be used for each plugin description. Derived plugin descriptions will be used as a prototype of what they can create
 CIObserverOpenViBE Observer interface
 CIReaderEBML processing class
 CIReaderCallbackCallback class to use when parsing the EBML stream
 CIReaderHelperHelper to read basic EBML types
 CIWriterEBML formating class
 CIWriterCallbackCallback class to use when creating the EBML stream
 CIWriterHelperHelper to write basic EBML types
 CIXMLHandlerThis class is design to help about XML manipulation
 CIXMLNodeSymbolize a node in a XML tree structure
 CKernelFacadeWrapper class used to access Kernel featuresThis class is one-to-many interface used as a central point to access a subset of Kernel features
 Cmemory_pool< Ch >
 Cxml_document< Ch >
 CProgramOptions< First, Types >::OptionDesc
 CPacketPartA packet part is a part of a packet compound by an Header and a Message
 CHeaderA header is associated to a message. It give information about the message, like the type and the size
 CInputOutputInputOutput class describes the input or output of a box
 CMessageA message is the second part of a packet after the header
 CProgramOptions< First, Types >Command-line options parserThis class is a basic class used to parse program options. Input format requirements:
 CProgramOptionsTraitsHelper class for ProgramOptions type checkingThis class provides aliases to types currently handled by ProgramOptions class as well as type checking meta-programming features
 CPropertyBase class for properties. A property is essentially a <name,value> pair
 CReturnCodeWay of playing a scenario
 CReturnCodeScenario player list of potential return code
 CScopedTest< T >Class used to ensure RAII when using TestFixture
 CTestFixtureBase abstract struct for test fixture
 CTimeStatic functions to handle time within the framework
 CTParameterHandler< T >Helper class in order to manipulate IParameter and IParameter values natively
 CTParameterHandler< OpenViBE::boolean >
 CTParameterHandler< OpenViBE::IMatrix * >
 CTParameterHandler< OpenViBE::IMemoryBuffer * >
 CTParameterHandler< OpenViBE::IStimulationSet * >
 CTParameterHandler< OpenViBE::uint64 >
 Cxml_base< Ch >
 Cxml_attribute< Ch >
 Cxml_node< Ch >