Start using OpenViBE

First steps

If you are new to OpenViBE we strongly suggest that you read this quick tutorial on OpenViBE basic functionality and then watch our introduction video. It will help you understand the usage of the Scenario Designer. It illustrates several user cases on existing scenarios.

Note: the videos below correspond to an old OpenViBE version (likely < 0.14). The general operation of OpenViBE remains the same, but some details have changed. If you need up-to-date information on details, please consult the various web tutorials.

OpenViBE designer introduction in English

Introduction au designer OpenViBE en français

Get the most from OpenViBE

To get a better grasp of OpenViBE functionalities you can refer to our user documentation. These pages cover many aspects of OpenViBE usage:

  • Usage of OpenViBE applications
    • Acquisition Server
    • Scenario Designer
  • Example scenarios and applications included with OpenViBE. Each of these scenarios has an associated tutorial explaining its functionalities.

User Documentation

Hint: Any time in the Designer you can select a box and press F1 to check out its online documentation.

Box Documentation

For developers

If you are interested in development of new features you should check our developer documentation which explains how to use the API to build on OpenViBE platform.

  • Description of internal data types
  • Usage of developer tools
    • Codec toolkit
    • Skeleton generator

For further information a full Doxygen documentation is available.