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  • You developed something OpenViBE-related and want to inform the community?
  • You need help with something related to the OpenViBE platform?
  • You have some ideas about BCIs, EEG, neurofeedback, experiments, or equipment?
Visit our forum to discuss anything related to OpenViBE with the community of users and software developers.

Note: OpenViBE is free software and we do not have the resources to provide ‘customer support’. Please consider helping out by answering questions of others on the forums.

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If you have made an application or a publication using OpenViBE we would be glad to hear about it. Please contact us.


  • Have you found a bug in OpenViBE?
  • Have you created a new signal processing scenario?
  • Have you developed a script in Lua or Matlab, created a new box or a driver?
If you would like to share your work please visit our contributions page. Contribute