OpenViBE is open source software. There are many ways in which you can participate. Here are some of the most typical ones.

Developing additional features

There are several types of features you can develop: boxes, drivers, scenarios, tutorials, scripts, external applications, or make some other application OpenViBE-compatible. Please use the latest release version or preferably master branch from git to develop contributions against.

  • If you’re intending to develop something you would like to be integrated into the software, please see our contribution rules and coding practices first. Contributions not following these rules may not be accepted. After you’re comfortable with the requirements, please contact the the lead engineer about your contribution.
  • If you have developed something which is OpenViBE compatible, but not suitable for integration (e.g. due to license, different scope, very specific purpose, …), you are still very welcome to publish an article about it on the community website. You can also advertise it on the forum.

Testing the software

One of the most important ways to contribute to the software is by using it. By using OpenViBE you can help us by reporting issues, finding bugs and giving feedback. The best place to discuss is on our forums.

Reporting bugs

Please use our bugtracker to report it so we can address it in the shortest time possible.

Note: When reporting bugs, please do not submit patches to any content which is not under the contrib/ folder, unless you have provided Inria a signed copyright transfer (see here). We cannot accept the patch otherwise.