Moving on with the OpenViBE consortium

May 2021

In 2021 we are proud to announce that the “OpenViBE Consortium” will be launching.
OpenViBE is a major open-source software platform in Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), real-time neurosciences and EEG signal-processing. Numerous projects rely on it on a global scale, encompassing research, clinical, industrial, education, student and independent contexts.

Together, we will bring OpenViBE to a new level, ensuring a long-term vision for the platform, and driving its development according to the shared interests of the community. We are planning to achieve this by switching to a consortium-based management model. The consortium will pool development goals and investments from the consortium members. The investments will be used to fund engineering staff to carry out strategic OpenViBE R&D important to the consortium members.

We are currently identifying ambitious key parties interested in joining the consortium to shape the future of OpenViBE and drive the consortium. This is a great opportunity for people and organisations interested in neurosciences and BCIs to support and ensure the sustainability of the OpenViBE software for its users all around the world.

If you are such a party or simply interested in shaping the consortium, please contact us by email so we can send you the proposal draft and get your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Thomas Prampart
OpenViBE Lead Engineer

Anatole Lécuyer
OpenViBE Project co-leader

Fabien Lotte
OpenViBE Project co-leader

David Margery
InriaSoft Technical Director