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  • NB: Last update March 2018

Over the years, OpenViBE has been developed in the scope of various projects, including

ConsorViBE (2018)

Consorvibe is a short-term (Q1-Q2) Inria incubation project for the OpenViBE Consortium. The project aims to assemble a long-term, non-profit organization around OpenViBE. Parties interested in the future of the software can join the consortium.


CertiViBE (2015-2018)

A two-year iLab collaborative project between Inria and Mensia Technologies to develop a medically certifiable OpenViBE kernel. Related announcement. The project results have been integrated into OpenViBE 2.0 and later.


SABRE (2014-2018)

A CominLabs project centered on researching fast EEG source localization and integrating the results with OpenViBE. The project is led by Computational Electromagnetics Research Laboratory of IMT-Atlantique, collaborating with HYBRID (Inria Rennes).

In the scope of SABRE, we also invented an open source BCI Simulator called simBCI. You can find a detailed description and downloads on the simBCI webpage.

ADT OpenViBE X (2014-2016)

A two-year Inria project to extend OpenViBE further, esp. in the area of P300 and adaptive methods. The project is led by the Inria team ATHENA (Inria Sophia-Antipolis).

ADT OpenViBE NT (2012-2015)

A two-year multi-site project to develop OpenViBE further on several fronts such as usability, new algorithms and stability.

Teams of the ADT at Inria are HYBRID (Rennes), ATHENA (Sophia), POTIOC (Bordeaux) and NEUROSYS (Nancy).


ANR OpenViBE2 (2009-2012)

The second OpenViBE project gathers academic partners and video games industrials.

Official website.


ANR OpenViBE (2006-2009)

This project was pioneer in France in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces. One of the main results of the project was the release of the OpenViBE software.

Official website.



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