Tutorial – Level 1 – Whats coming out of my headset?

Applicable situation: You’ve just got a new headset or amplifier and you wish to see asap if it works with OpenViBE!

In this tutorial: A five-second executive summary of the required steps.

(For understanding: A more detailed tutorial is available.)

What to do

0) Check that your device is supported.
1) Download and install OpenViBE.
2) Connect your headset/amplifier and verify that its working (using manufacturer’s apps, …).

Usually the device should be connected and turned on before you start the Acquisition Server.

3) Acquisition Server application is used to read data from the headset.

  • Start the openvibe-acquisition-server application
  • Select the driver for your device from the ‘Driver:’ drop-down menu
  • Configure the device via ‘Driver Properties’ button
  • Press ‘Connect’, then press ‘Play’

Now the server status should be ‘Sending…‘. This means the server is acquiring data from the device.

4) Designer application is used to do signal processing on the data and display it.

  • Start the openvibe-designer application
  • File->Open the supplied scenario box-tutorials/network-acquisition.xml
  • Press ‘Play’ symbol


If everything went well, you should now see a window showing the real-time(!) signals that are coming from your headset. If not, perhaps something went wrong and you need to read a longer tutorial, for example this.

Happy hacking!

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