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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-10-17Compilation failure for #warning
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-07-31SSVEP targets do not blink at the correct frequencies
feature request
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-07-31Integration of GTEC driver from GIPSA
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-07-30Software Tagging does not consider config parameters
patch submission
textresolved (jtlindgr)2013-07-23Patch to fix typographical errors in the source tree
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-07-04Fixed wrong error message in the new version of the g.tec driver
bug report
majorresolved (jlegeny)2013-07-04Memory leak in Fieldtrip driver
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-04-29Small bug(s) in fieldtrip driver
feature request
featureresolved (jtlindgr)2013-04-29Changing Project Name Variable in CMakeLists.txt file
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-04-29Build failure with OGRE >= 1.8.x
patch submission
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-03-20Set default build type to Release
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-03-19Make ITPP dependency required or disable the build of modules requiring it
bug report
blockresolved (jlegeny)2013-02-27linux-install_dependencies don't detect native package installation errors (dependacy conflits)
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2013-02-19No Matlab toolbox installed for "Matlab Scripting"
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2013-02-19Can not start designer on Windows
bug report
crashresolved (jlegeny)2013-02-19Lua crash
patch submission
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-02-19vr-demo linking failure against boost
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2013-02-01Generated random identifiers are identical in sk-gen
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2013-01-30Can't rename tabs and windows in the window manager
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2012-10-10Electrode localization file incomplete
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2012-09-11Small problem with documentation and OVTK_StimulationId_LabelEnd
bug report
majorresolved (jlegeny)2012-07-05Time based epoching does not work on 64bit Ubuntu linux
feature request
minorresolved (lbonnet)2012-07-02Install openvibe dependencies without internet.. on Windows (but I guess linux users are also concerned)
bug report
crashresolved (lbonnet)2012-06-07Runtime crash in skeleton-generator
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2012-06-07Missing box description for Stimulation multiplexer
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2012-05-09Stimulation Based Epoching with negative epoch = late output
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2012-05-03Deletion of unallocated memory
feature request
majorresolved (jlegeny)2012-02-07Python Box
feature request
featureresolved (jlegeny)2012-02-02SVN Branches explanations
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2012-01-31Cannot stop the scenario while in fast-forward mode
bug report
tweakresolved (jlegeny)2012-01-30Help pages should be opened using the default browser
bug report
crashresolved (jlegeny)2012-01-27Crash when pressing F5 while not running
bug report
crashresolved (jlegeny)2011-11-22Using the increment/decrement value buttons in a "add new setting dialog" makes the designer crash
bug report
crashresolved (lbonnet)2011-11-21skeleton-generator: crash after push button generate , push cancel and push generate again
bug report
majorresolved (lbonnet)2011-11-10web site dead link or access denied links
bug report
minorresolved (jlegeny)2011-10-10Angular speed setting In SSVEP Scenario: no effect
feature request
featureresolved (lbonnet)2011-09-30Ask user to disable his Firewall
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2011-09-30Wrong channel labelling in electrode sets (for 2D/3D topography)
bug report
majorresolved (lbonnet)2011-08-29Windows are not correctly parented
feature request
featureacknowledged2011-08-02Update level measure
feature request
featurenew2010-06-11Support some settings dependency
feature request
featurenew2010-06-11Support parameters grouping
  0000034 [openvibe-plugins]
feature request
trivialnew2010-03-01Color scale of 2D topographic map could be confusing
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2010-03-01Losing access to the "information" window on display-boxes
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