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bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-01-12There is no consistency about channel index between "signal display" windows and channel selector
  0000094 [openvibe-designer]
bug report
minorconfirmed2014-12-10Window manager modifications are lost when playing a scenario without closing the window
bug report
minoracknowledged2014-11-19Designer does not support windows slash "\"
feature request
featureresolved (lmahe)2014-11-14and input/output number parameter in deconder/encoder initialize fontion in class OpenViBE::Kernel::IAlgorithmProxy
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-10-23OpenVibe does not handle GDF 2.51 and prints a wrong message
bug report
minorresolved (gserrier)2014-10-20pen/locate script buttons
  0000097 [openvibe-plugins]
bug report
minorresolved (lmahe)2014-09-082D and 3D topogra^hy don't work with wrong channel names
feature request
minorresolved (lmahe)2014-09-08Allow the automatic renaming of channel selector box based on channel list
feature request
featureresolved (jlegeny)2014-09-08Architecture documentation
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-09-08Missing documentation for the SVM classifier.
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-09-08Designer : Don't display the default value in classifier trainer when switch algorithm
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-09-08Driver gTec on 64bit does not provide notch and band pass filters
bug report
minorresolved (lmahe)2014-09-04Impossible to rename the input of the "Generic stream writer".
bug report
minorresolved (gserrier)2014-09-04Keyboard shortcuts are no more functionnal when running a scenario if focus is lost
bug report
majorresolved (lmahe)2014-09-03Memory leak with "modifiable temporal filter"
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-09-02Add a vertical scrollbar to boxes with lots of settings
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-09-02linux-install_dependencies fails on Ubuntu 14.04
bug report
trivialresolved (jtlindgr)2014-09-02build fails because libboost is not detected by cmake
feature request
featureresolved (acellard)2014-08-26signal display update for comfortable EEG reading
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-05-07Brainamp sampling interval problem
feature request
featureacknowledged2014-04-28Support most recently opened scenarios
feature request
minoracknowledged2014-04-28Making the classifier training more user friendly
bug report
minornew2014-04-28Random crash of emotiv EPOC Driver on windows 64 bits
patch submission
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-04-28Update G.tec driver to support bipolar electrode configuration
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-04-28Preferences & driver properties are not saved
feature request
featureresolved (jtlindgr)2014-01-31Scenario files should have a specific OpenViBE extension
bug report
minoracknowledged2014-01-31Grabbing the Acq Server window with the mouse causes drift
  0000147 [openvibe-designer]
bug report
majoracknowledged2014-01-31Move the user interface (like designer, signal display ...) distrube the trigger sended to an external device
patch submission
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-01-31Intergration of Gipsa's LSL Export box
patch submission
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-01-17Integerate Gipsa's Brainamp writer
patch submission
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-01-17g.tec usbamp update on filtering
bug report
crashresolved (jtlindgr)2014-01-10Path_UserData can not be set
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-12-19Help offline
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-12-18Emotiv driver finding Emotiv SDK on the 2nd try
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-12-12Improvements in reading stimulations in Brainamp format
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2013-11-12Matlab box : warning at compilation time
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2013-11-12NSIS script setup compilation fails with vs90 dependencies
bug report
minorresolved (lbonnet)2013-11-08Problem in acquisition server with NaN
feature request
minorresolved (lbonnet)2013-11-08OpenVibe driver requested for Contec KT88 24-channel
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-08Simple DSP freezing with a "large" equation
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-08Stream Switch does not have a default output
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-08Brainamp reader bug
feature request
majorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-07IT++ binding to IMatrix for signal processing developpers
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-07Channel Selector Input/Output type
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-07Uninstall should only remove installed files
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-07Add Emotiv Linux driver patch
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-07Crash of Brainamp reader in IEEE_FLOAT_32 mode
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-11-05Missing channel names in box "Stream Synchronization"
patch submission
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2013-10-31Make matlab plugin work correctly on Linux
bug report
crashresolved (jtlindgr)2013-10-25openvibe-designer crashes when training p300speller-xDawn
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