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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000195 [openvibe]
bug report
majornew2018-02-23There is no "Power spectrum display" in Visualization
bug report
majornew2018-01-04Can't use Emotiv Research Edition SDK v2.0.0.20 with OpenViBE 2.0
bug report
majornew2017-09-06Temporal Filter does not seem to affect signal
feature request
minornew2017-09-06[Meta] Align with BigEEG workflow standards
  0000192 [openvibe]
bug report
majornew2017-08-10Error when running with OpenViBE 2.0 BETA
  0000190 [openvibe]
bug report
minornew2017-07-31Bulding fails due to outdated dependency
feature request
majornew2017-02-17Please provide packages for Linux users
bug report
majoracknowledged2017-02-17Cannot build on KDE Neon 16.04
  0000189 [openvibe-acquisition-server]
patch submission
minornew2017-02-07Added support for changing the order of amplifiers in Gipsa-gtec driver
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2017-02-06Add build tests for Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 LTS in continuous integration server
bug report
majorassigned (jtlindgr)2017-02-03OpenVibe fails to load when using UNC network paths
  0000070 [openvibe]
feature request
featurenew2016-12-28Be able to run OpenViBE from a single process
  0000108 [openvibe-plugins]
bug report
minornew2016-12-28signal average and univariate statistics (mean) does not provide the exact same values
  0000175 [openvibe-plugins]
bug report
minornew2016-12-28Downsampling box misbehaves with reasonable parameter combinations
  0000185 [openvibe-plugins]
bug report
majornew2016-12-28Stimulations are sometimes delayed by LSL Export (Gipsa) box
patch submission
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2016-12-08Update to GTEC driver.
patch submission
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2016-12-07Fix to Brainamp FileWriter
patch submission
trivialresolved (jtlindgr)2016-10-04compile "Error 2" on Arch Linux
bug report
majorresolved (jtlindgr)2016-10-04Wrong scale used in OpenBCI driver for acquisition server
bug report
majorresolved (jtlindgr)2016-07-19Compilation fails on ubuntu 16.04
bug report
crashresolved (gserrier)2016-07-01Designer crashes - symbol lookup error on pressing play - when a temporal filter is part of the design
bug report
trivialresolved (jtlindgr)2016-06-14Missing number stimulations in lua-stimulator-stim-codes.lua
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2016-05-11Small improvement in xDawn
bug report
majorresolved (jtlindgr)2016-05-11Build fails on make of signal processing plugins
bug report
majorresolved (jtlindgr)2016-05-11Compilation fails on Ubuntu 14.10
  0000176 [openvibe-designer]
feature request
minornew2016-03-07Add the ability to change the color map in 2D topographic map box
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-09-17coadapt-p300-stimulator doesn't work on OpenViBE v1.0.1
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-09-10Stream Switch does not work for stimulations
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-09-10Zlib1.dll dependency?
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-06-02Compilation of v1.0.0 fails after not being able to find lsl.h
feature request
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-04-15Lua tutorial needs update
feature request
minoracknowledged2015-04-13Acquisition server freezes with telnet reader while waiting for samples
bug report
majorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-02-27"Signal display" box works incorrect with data from MCS NVX amplifier driver
  0000052 [openvibe-designer]
feature request
featurenew2015-02-25Should find a way to pass browse filter to OV_TypeId_Filename
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-02-25"Center button" in Display box does not work
feature request
featureresolved (lmahe)2015-02-25Drag and drop not supported
feature request
tweakresolved (jtlindgr)2015-02-25Choose any sampling frequency in the telnet reader
patch submission
featureresolved (jtlindgr)2015-02-20Automatically set number of parallel make jobs on linux
feature request
tweakresolved (acellard)2015-02-19Signal display does not "autoscale" as well with 0.18
bug report
minorresolved (gserrier)2015-02-17Designer crashes when using ClassifierProcessor with a config file made for another classifier
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-02-16Signal Display not resized when selecting channels
feature request
featureresolved (jtlindgr)2015-02-12function to request multi-view or other display parameter before scenario execution
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-02-12CSV writer box listener fails to rename inputs
patch submission
majorresolved (nfoy)2015-02-12Build is broken on Fedora x86_64
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2015-01-12There is no consistency about channel index between "signal display" windows and channel selector
  0000094 [openvibe-designer]
bug report
minorconfirmed2014-12-10Window manager modifications are lost when playing a scenario without closing the window
bug report
minoracknowledged2014-11-19Designer does not support windows slash "\"
feature request
featureresolved (lmahe)2014-11-14and input/output number parameter in deconder/encoder initialize fontion in class OpenViBE::Kernel::IAlgorithmProxy
bug report
minorresolved (jtlindgr)2014-10-23OpenVibe does not handle GDF 2.51 and prints a wrong message
bug report
minorresolved (gserrier)2014-10-20pen/locate script buttons
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