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0000174openvibebug reportpublic2015-07-09 08:512015-09-17 10:32
Assigned Tojtlindgr 
StatusresolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Platformx86_64OSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0000174: coadapt-p300-stimulator doesn't work on OpenViBE v1.0.1
Descriptioncoadapt-p300-stimulator doesn't work on OpenViBE v1.0.1, but at v0.18 it did.
1. When trying to run p300-coadapt-online-with(without)-monitoring scenario,
OV designer throws a WARNING message that configuration file p300-classifier.cfg
has a wrong version (indeed, <OpenViBE-Classifier-Box XMLVersion="2"> and <Algorithm-Identifier class-id="(0xa7a8fb40, 0xd85b90b8)">Probabilistic Linear Discrimimant Analysis (PLDA)</Algorithm-Identifier>) and OV Designer crashes.
2. Also, why Classifiet trainer box has the same version (about box...) as the one in the old OV build(v0.18), but the new one doesn't support PLDA?
3. If replace p300-classifier.cfg with the correct file, it is not possible to train the new classifier (p300-coadapt-train-classifier) using recorded *.ov file, because Acquisition client receives External Stimulations that doesn't correcpond to expected ones by "Stimulation based epoching" box at train scenarios (OVTK_GDF_100_Watt???).
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jtlindgr (administrator)
2015-09-17 10:32

The contributor of the CoAdapt P300 Speller is currently working on another version of the P300 speller and does not have the resources to fix the CoAdapt P300 for the 1.x.x series. Hence the contribution remains usable only on the 0.18.x version of OpenViBE, and even there it might be only working perfectly in some limited circumstances. I'll hide it in the 1.x for the time being.

Apologies for that.

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