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0000168openvibe-acquisition-serverfeature requestpublic2015-02-18 11:062015-02-25 12:52
Assigned Tojtlindgr 
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Summary0000168: Choose any sampling frequency in the telnet reader
DescriptionI'm developing a soft to send data from OpenBCI board to OpenViBE through the telnet driver. It works, but the sample rate is 250Hz, which is not available by default. It could be forced through configuration files, eg: "AcquisitionServer_Driver_GenericRawTelnetReader_Header = ExperimentID 0 SubjectAge 19 SubjectGender 9 SamplingFrequency 250 Channels 8 Names C3;Cz;C4;P3;Pz;P4;O1;O2;" or by modifying "dist/share/openvibe/applications/acquisition-server/interface-Generic-RawTelnetReader.ui". You'll easily understand that it's not practical for everyday users.

Although there may be some issue afterwards with "weird" sample rates because of chunk size or else -- e.g. the downsampling box crashes the designer, expect new bug reports afterwards ;) -- since there doesn't seem to be a reason for selecting only powers of 2 in the telnet reader, why don't you make the sampling rate selection an editable field that accepts integers, instead of a drop-down list? Could also apply to file reader, and it'll help a lot test new hardware :)
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jfrey (reporter)
2015-02-18 16:30
edited on: 2015-02-18 16:31

I've uploaded a patch against current master (e9d554bcae4eeb702b1e723b83933370466cb07d). Basically it changes the UI files associated to telnet and file readers, changing a combobox widget into a spin button. Then ovasCConfigurationBuilder.cpp is modified accordingly so it detects if it deals with one or the other kind of widget.

It's verbose and not optimal, as there should be a generic interface between each kind of possible widget and values readings, instead of an ugly and dedicated if/else switch.

It's more of a proof of concept, at least it does the job for me. I'm ready to improve my work if there's hope that such kind of modification could be integrated for the 1.0 version. I would not want to miss the ONE release!

jtlindgr (administrator)
2015-02-25 12:52

Merged in 0e0b6e0d38e529368ec1437743b3a7e2963a3a20

Thank you for the contribution!

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