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0000192openvibebug reportpublic2017-08-10 17:352017-08-10 17:35
KDE NeonUbuntu Linux17.04
0000192: Error when running with OpenViBE 2.0 BETA
I am trying to build OpenViBE 2.0 beta. When I run the command, I get the following error:

brylie@kde-neon-silver:~/BCI/openvibe-2.0.0-beta$ sudo ./
./ line 6: /home/brylie/BCI/openvibe-2.0.0-beta/dist: No such file or directory
Building sdk
ERROR: Unknown parameter
./ line 50: [: -neq: binary operator expected
Building designer
ERROR: Unknown parameter --release
./ line 58: [: -neq: binary operator expected
Building extras
ERROR: Unknown parameter
./ line 66: [: -neq: binary operator expected
1. download OpenViBE 2.0 BETA
2. cd into directory
3. run the script
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