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0000190openvibebug reportpublic2017-07-31 04:302019-01-27 17:22
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0000190: Bulding fails on Arch Linux due to outdated dependency
The script linux-install_dependencies fails to build the package vrpn:

vrpn_Connection.C: En la función ‘int vrpn_start_server(const char*, char*, char*, const char*)’:
vrpn_Connection.C:2426:32: error: el agregado ‘vrpn_start_server(const char*, char*, char*, const char*)::wait status’ tiene un tipo incompleto y no se puede definir
                     union wait status;
make: *** [Makefile:549: pc_linux64/vrpn_Connection.o] Error 1

I googled the error and got the following: [^]

So I did what the link suggested: I unzipped the in dependencies/share/arch and changed the line union wait status to int wait in the file vrpn_Connection.C. After recompressing and running the script the error was gone.
1.- download openvibe 1.3.0, either sources or clone git repo
2.- sudo sh linux-install dependencies
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2019-01-27 17:21   
The suggested fix indeed seems to address the problem also for Ubuntu 18.04, at least for the build part (I didn't test the vrpn connections themselves).

Thanks for the report!