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0000170openvibe-designerbug reportpublic2015-02-25 10:572015-09-10 14:26
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OpenVibe 0.18Windows 7
0000170: Zlib1.dll dependency?
I made a fresh install of OpenVibe 0.18 and I could not start it.
It requested zlib1.dll.
I downloaded the zlib from sourceforge and it worked.
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2015-02-25 12:57   
Unfortunately, can't reproduce. The dll file is installed to


and the launcher scripts should set the path there using bin/openvibe-set-env.cmd. I can only assume that something specific to your system interferes with the install mechanism so that either the zlib1.dll file is not there, or the set-env command does not set the path. Which one is it, or neither?

2015-09-10 14:26   
Closing as unable to reproduce. One possible cause for problems like this can be if there is e.g. another version of gtk in %PATH% before the openvibe version, requesting zlib1 from a place where it is not. One way to test this possibility is to add


at the beginning of the .cmd launch script. Also, dependency walker may be useful to see what exactly is requesting a library.