Motor Imagery / Neurofeedback: Lift the Spaceship demo

  • NB: last update for OpenViBE 1.1.0 (05.oct.2015).

This demo enhances the Neurofeedback BCI with a motivating visual feedback : a 3D spaceship in a hangar, that can be lifted thanks to brain activity. You will find it in share/openvibe/scenarios/bci-examples/spaceship.

  • spaceship-freetime.xml: This scenario replays a pre-recorded MI session from a file and shows the feedback the user was given during the session. The feedback is presented through signal displays : one for the brain activity on the Cz electrode, and one for the band power in the beta activity, related to (imagined) feet movement.

The scenario doesn’t launch the visual application by itself. To see the spaceship, you need to manually start that part of the demo with openvibe-vr-demo-spaceship. It will receive instructions from the scenario while it is running.

The scenario communicates with the vr-demo through the VRPN protocol, triggering instructions (“Move your feet”, “Stop”) and providing feedback value that determines the altitude of the spaceship in the 3D scene.

Please note that the Crop and Simple DSP configuration is based on a calibration session that computed the Mean and Variance of Beta activity on Cz on a 30 sec inactivity phase. If you want to change these parameters properly, you need to implement the corresponding calibration and observe the values in your circumstances. You can alternatively just change the values and observe the effects.


Fig.1 The lift-the-spaceship BCI.

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