Git Instructions

  • NB: last update for OpenViBE 1.3.0 .

OpenViBE source code is hosted on the Inria gForge in a Git repository.

Using Git

In order to obtain the source code you will need to have the Git software installed on your system.

  • On Linux you can use the git package provided by your distribution.
  • On Windows you can use a GUI version of Git. One option is TortoiseGit which can be downloaded from

Git repository address

Getting the latest (unstable) version of the OpenViBE source code can be done as follows:

# Get an anonymous clone of the latest trunk (2 alternative protocols)
git clone git://
git clone

Once you have downloaded the code you can proceed to the build instructions.

Previous SVN repository

For code archeologists, we have retained the older OpenViBE SVN repository. The repository is not updated.

# Get anonymous checkout of v0.16.0
svn checkout svn://
# Get anonymous checkout of v0.15.0 and earlier
svn checkout svn://
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