OpenViBE 0.15.0 available for immediate download

The OpenViBE Team is proud to announce a new release of our software. The new version is 0.15.0 and can be downloaded on the Downloads page.


Many thanks to our contributors for their continuos support.

  • Mensia Technologies (BrainMaster Atlantis and Discovery drivers, BrainProducts ActiCHamp driver)
  • Anton Andreev (software tagging capabilities of the Acquisition Server)

OpenViBE is growing

A new research project around OpenViBE has begun. With the ADT openvibeNT project, we have recruited more engineers to work on the software.

In addition, there is a new company called Mensia Technologies that has their core business centered on OpenViBE. The previous OpenViBE creator Yann Renard and the previous OpenViBE lead engineer Laurent Bonnet now work for the company
while continuing OpenViBE-related development.

Release Notes

OpenViBE gets support for more EEG devices

BrainProducts ActiCHamp

Mensia Technologies has developed a driver for the BrainProducts ActiCHamp device. For the documentation please visit the BrainProducts ActiCHamp documentation page.

BrainMaster Atlantis and Discovery

Mensia Technologies has also developed a driver for BrainMaster acquisition devices: Atlantis and Discovery. If you are interested in using this driver, please look at the BrainMaster Atlantis and Discovery documentation page.

Send stimulations from your application to Acquisition Server

With the External Stimulation feature it is now possible to send stimulations from any c++ application directly to the Acquisition Server which will embed them into the signal acquired from the EEG device. To learn more about this feature please visit the External Stimulation documentation page.

Self-contained scenario configuration

You can now reference files that reside inside the folder of the opened scenario. The $__volatile_ScenarioDir configuration token will always expand to the path of the folder of the current scenario.


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