OpenViBE 0.14.0 Released

New version of OpenViBE 0.14.0 is available for immediate download.


Many thanks to all of our contributors for this release.

  • Amélie Serpollet (Fieldtrip Protocol driver)
  • Anton Andreev (Fieldtrip Protocol driver, g.Tec Event Channel, Bugfixes)
  • Aurélien Van Langhenhove (Python Scripting box)
  • Joan Fruitet (Sign Change Detector and patches)
  • Laurent George (Python Scripting box)

Release Notes

The 0.14.0 version of OpenViBE brings many exciting new features. New drivers and new ways to enhance the scenarios with scripting.

OpenViBE is now more scriptable than ever

Python scripting box

Aurélien Van Langhenhove and Laurent George have developed a new Python scripting box.

It enables you to create complex signal processing algorithms easily and rapidly. It can process and generate signal and stimulations as well as streamed matrices. It can be combined with advanced calculus libraries such as Numpy.

For more information look at the Python Box Tutorial.

Matlab scripting box

The Matlab scripting box has seen a major overhaul. Now it can take any input type into consideration and can have arbitrary number of inputs and outputs.

For more information look at the Matlab Box Tutorial.

New drivers and lots of updates to Acquisition server

Mitsar EEG device driver

Owners of the Mitsar EEG 202 device can now use it with OpenViBE on Windows. This driver was developed by Gipsa-lab.

Fieldtrip Protocol driver

OpenViBE is finally compatible with the fieldtrip protocol. You can now use OpenViBE Acquisition Server to acquire data from a Fieldtrip server, thanks to the work of Amélie Serpollet from CEA.

g.Tec USBamp event channel

Anton Andreev from Gipsa-lab has added a possibility to use the USBamp’s event channel in the acquisition driver.

Multiple Emotiv Headset acquisition

You can now choose which Emotiv headset to connect to Acquisition Server. This way you can run several Acquisition Server instances to acquire from multiple Emotiv Headsets.

Nan Correction

The Acquisition Server can now handle NaN values sent by some wireless headsets.

One new box algorithm is available

A Sign Change Detector is available. This box was developed by Joan Fruitet.

OpenViBE designer is now easier to use

The searchbox introduced in the last release now searches in the box descriptions as well. All unstable and experimental boxes are now easily available on selection.

Dependency updates

Several dependencies have been added and updated.

A lot of dependencies have changed. Both Linux and Windows users should run respective install_dependencies scripts.

  • On Linux the version of the boost library has been updated to 1.49
  • OpenViBE now installs the python development package on Linux
  • Windows version of Acquisition Driver now depends on the phtreads library

In order to use the Python box on windows you have to install the Python 2.7 distribution (32bit) for windows. In order to use the box to its fullest potential you should install numpy and scipy packages as well (both on Linux and Windows).

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