OpenViBE 0.13.0 Released

New version of OpenViBE has been released


We thank our external contributors for their work.

  • Aurélien Van Langhenhove (EDF Writer Box)
  • Olivier Rochel (BCI2000 reader box)

Release Notes

This release brings three new boxes

BCI2000 file reader

Olivier Rochel has contributed box capable of reading the BCI2000’s files.

EDF file writer

Aurélien Van Langhenhove has contributed an EDF file writer box.

Signal Differential/Integral

A new signal processing box has been added. It is capable of calculating derivates and integrals of the incoming signal. The filter can be of arbitrary order.

As this box is more generic than the existing detrending boxes, the First difference detrending and Second difference detrending boxes are now considered as deprecated! Please update your scenarios.

Box search filter

Also, as a new feature, you can now perform a search within the box-algorithm tree.

To focus the search field instantly you can use the new Ctrl+F shortcut.

Gtk+ update for Windows installations

OpenViBE now uses gtk+2.22.1, this upstream update fixes several issues with gtk on Windows and provides new features.

If you are updating an existing installation, you must run the win32-install-dependencies.exe installer.

Full changelog can be found in this forum post.

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