OpenViBE 0.12.0 Released


The OpenViBE development team is happy to announce the release of OpenViBE 0.12.0 “Autumn Edition”, available immediately in our download section.

This release brings many new features, including one community contribution :

Nicolas Tarrin, Mathieu Goyat & Gelu Ionescu contributed a stream synchronization box, that can synchronize in OpenViBE several streams coming from several linked devices.

The time is now printed in every logs (console, file, etc.) in seconds. User can switch between this display and the previous (in 32:32 time and/or hexadecimal) at will using configuration tokens. The time precision can also be set.
The Emotiv EPOC driver is now included in the Windows Installer! It still requires the user to specify where to find the Emotiv Research Edition SDK in order to run correctly.
The g.Tec g.USBAmp driver benefits from a major update that add more amplifier functionalities: ability to connect to common ground and reference, activation of notch and band-pass filters.
The Matlab Filter box is now compiled by default and included in the release. This box is still unstable, but has been fully reworked in order to work on every machine, as long as Matlab (version 32bits) is installed.
… and more new features and bugfixes detailed below.

Many thanks to Nicolas, Mathieu and Gelu for their contributions! If you are interested in joining the effort feel free to contact us!

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