Motor Imagery: Handball demonstrator

  • NB: Document concerns OpenViBE >= 0.16.0.

This application allows anyone to test the handball vr-demo provided with OpenViBE. You will find it in share/openvibe/scenarios/bci-examples/handball. The demonstrator enhances the well-known Graz Motor-Imagery BCI with a motivating visual feedback: a gymnasium with goal on each side, where the user is instructed to push the ball in with only the power of mind.

  • handball-replay.xml: this scenario replays a MI session and discriminate the mental states using a LDA classifier. The feedback is presented with a Graz visualization : cross and arrow for instructions, progress bar for the real-time feedback. Note that the first trial starts near 0:40.

To use the handball feedback, you just have to laucnh the vr-demo-handball script. Then go back in the Designer and play the scenario. You should see in the 2 consoles (Designer and vr-demo) the connection messages between the two.

The Graz visualization is repeated in the handball visualization, and the ball is moving accordingly to the feedback provided by OpenViBE, as shown on Fig.1.


Fig.1 The handball BCI.

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