Only one display on each window/tab

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Only one display on each window/tab

Post by nguyen-thinh.le »

Hi all,
the window manager only allows one display on each tab. According to the tutorial, several displays can be dropped side by side.
Is that an error of version 2.1.0 or did I miss something?

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Re: Only one display on each window/tab

Post by jtlindgren »

Hello Thinh,

that seems to be a bug when running OpenViBE on Windows. On Linux, the Window Manager seems still to work. On Windows it works if the configuration has already been saved to the scenario (like in the simple-dsp.xml tutorial). On OV1.3 it still appears to work, even on Windows.

We'll see if we can get it fixed.

Thanks for the report!

Edit: there seems to be a way to sidestep the issue. When you drag one box to the window manager, and then another to one of its sides, normally what should happen is that the box appears on that side of the previous box. But due to the bug, there's nothing visible, while the box still appears on the horizontal or vertical split list on the left. Now, you can try to slowly pan the mouse cursor over the window with the single box, near its borders. At one point the cursor changes shape. At this point, press down left click and drag. The added box should now become visible. It looks like for some reason the default size for the box dragged in is 0. In the attached image, on Win10 you see a white bar where you can pull with the mouse to enlargen the hidden second box, but on Win7 not even this bar seems to be visible.

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