tutorial to use openvibe source code

About BCI and box tutorial/demo scenarios bundled with OpenViBE.
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tutorial to use openvibe source code

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Is there a tutorial to help start with your source code to understand the basic functions to integrate to another program?

Thank you.

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Re: tutorial to use openvibe source code

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not at the moment, no. If you wish to integrate openvibe-based scenario playing (DSP) to your program, you could look at the scenario player code under the sdk/. This player doesn't have any GUI, so it should be more easy to understand than the designer code.

Getting signal acquisition integrated would require customizing from the acquisition server source code.

What people usually do is that instead of integration, they let OV AS/Designer run as a separate processes and have Designer simply send the DSP/classification output to the target application using different communication protocols ( http://openvibe.inria.fr/overview-sendi ... -openvibe/ ).

Finally, we could consider in the future to make openvibe more easily usable as a "library", but this would require a funded project with library use as one of its goals, or a major community contribution.


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