Making P300 Speller Faster by reducing flashes

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Making P300 Speller Faster by reducing flashes

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Hi OpenVIBE community,

I have modified the P300 speller from 6 X 6 to 3 X 3. I only need a total of 9 values for my speller. For this, I modified the P300-speller.ui and the p300-speller-target.lua. I am also saving the output characters in a text file.

My problem now is that the P300 speller is incredibly slow. Infact it has gotten more slow after modifying the User Interface. Can anyone guide me as to what should I do to make it faster. I need to reduce the number of success stimulations required to make it faster.

Thank you.

Update: I realised that the target selection is still trying to select a target beyond the Matrix it has. Even though I had updated the matrix and also the loop underneath it. I am definitely missing something.

SOS guys. Please can anyone tell me exactly what configurations and variables was I supposed to edit to shorten the 6 X 6 speller to 3 X 3?

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