[Fedora 27] Build openViBE

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[Fedora 27] Build openViBE

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Hi to all,

after being looking a while for a proper way to build OpenViBE on Fedora 27, I finally succeed.
So, first good information for community: OpenViBE builds fine on Fedora 27 and also seems to launch and work normally :)

Now, how to build:
- all is on dependencies
- Do not use the script doing that, it only works for Ubuntu
- The dependencies list (in the txt files) is of course not good for Fedora users

So, just try installing following dependencies yourself:

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dnf install eigen3-devel-3.3.4-3.fc27.noarch 
dnf install xerces-c-devel-3.1.4-4.fc27.x86_64
dnf install gtest-devel-1.7.0-11.fc27.x86_64 
dnf install liblsl-devel-1.11.0-10.fc27.x86_64 
dnf install compat-lua-5.1.5-9.fc27.x86_64 
dnf install compat-lua-devel-5.1.5-9.fc27.x86_64 
dnf install fftw-devel-3.3.5-8.fc27.x86_64 
dnf install freealut-devel-1.1.0-24.fc27.x86_64 
And launch the build script:

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At the end, do not forget to run openViBE with the shell launchers (that will set properly the ENV).
For example:

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Hope it would help some of you ;)
Enjoy !

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Re: [Fedora 27] Build openViBE

Post by jtlindgren »

Thank you very much! I made the post sticky so it stands on the top while we don't have official instruction for Fedora.


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