simBCI BCI simulator is available!

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simBCI BCI simulator is available!

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Dear OpenViBE community,

recently I have been working on a BCI simulator with our collaborators from IMT-Atlantique. It's called simBCI! We feel its now time to share this tool with the community.

The simulator allows designing artificial EEG data generation, test classification pipelines with such data, change parameters on both sides, and collect resulting accuracies to see how methods behave in different conditions. For example, you can try different types of noise, sources, artifacts, change their strengths, frequencies, etc. The idea is that you can 'design' what the signal is made of, a bit like you 'design' a signal processing pipeline. As a result, you can investigate the signal processing behavior in perfectly known conditions. You can run hundreds of simulated experiments on a desktop computer in order to bring down the chances that some observation you make is just a random accident.

For more details, please see

simBCI is not directly related to OpenViBE (except sharing some people behind both), but I hope the OpenViBE users may still find it an interesting addition to their BCI toolkits.