Problem when saving scenarios/new-folders

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Problem when saving scenarios/new-folders

Post by Merlino »

I just installed the new 2.0.1 OpenVibe. When i try to save a new scenario in the designer an error window appers saying:

An error occured while saving the scenario
Failed to open file C:/Program Files (x86)/openvibe-2.0.1/share/openvibe/Namefile.mxs

And also if the designer dosen't save my scenario when i restart it, it show me that window:

Scenario importation failed !
The requested file: C:/Program Files (x86)/openvibe-2.0.1/share/openvibe/Namefile.mxs may either not be an OpenVibe scenario file, be corrupted or not compatible with the selected scenario importer...

I also tried to unistall and reinstall the program, two times, but the problem persist, so i want some help to know what i'm doing wrong.
Thank everybody for the help :)

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Re: Problem when saving scenarios/new-folders

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what you mention is a common problem on Windows and its explained in our FAQ,

I quote for convencience,

"I get a write error when pressing Play on a scenario?

By default OpenViBE on Windows installs under C:\Program Files (x86)\. As an user, you do not have write access to this directory or its subdirectories. Often when running scenarios in Designer, they try to write their results under the folder scenario was opened from (to ensure easy portability of the setup). This is not possible without write access. In this case, please copy the scenario in question to a folder you have write access to and open it from there before running. The lack of write access is most usually the source of the problem if you get an error message like ‘could not open file [blah] for writing.’."

Its a bit silly its trying to open a scenario it was not able to save.

On our side, we should think of a technical solution for this since its constantly bothering new users. Its not very user friendly that they encounter issues due folder security restrictions in Windows.


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