EEG interactive video

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EEG interactive video

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Hi I want to create an art installation that mixes and switches between video tracks according to different emotions, brain states as read by EEG. I'm not a programmer but I have friends who will build with me. So I'm looking for any advice on the simplest way to go about this. There seem to be many ways of doing this using Emotiv and Muse. Does anyone have experience of doing this kind of thing? Any advice on either the easiest an/or the most reliable way to do this?


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Re: EEG interactive video

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I was searching on this forum about the neurofeedback scenarios and I come across this post. Basically, I also want to create similar kind of scenario using the openvibe. The only difference is that I want to switch the media player to different audio songs depending on the current emotional state of the subject/person read by EEG. Can you share your progress or any suggestion here, please?


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