Examination project with Mindwave mobile+

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Examination project with Mindwave mobile+

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I don't really know how High School ends in other countries but in Sweden it ends with an examination project depending on the programme you've selected. Anyhow we were free to choose one research topic that is related to mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. I choose the brain and is tied top physics/Biology.

I already bought a EEG equipment, Neurosky Mindwave mobile +. I already have the data for 8 weeks, 8 hours daily. Examination projects name is "Brain signal processing and algorithmic predictive model and applications", what I am basically doing is create a Predictive algorithm that records a users data for a few days and predicts the users state of mind without the EEG equipment and proceed to suggest different stimulus like music or coffee. There will be a testing phase where the user chooses a few different songs and record the affect of it. The predictive algorithm will notify the user to listen to a certain music to stabilize the mood of the user.

Here is the unfinished abstract
The brain constantly generates different kinds of signals. The signals are gathered with an Electroencephalogram (EEG), the signals can interpret the different mental states of the user. Data points was collected using OpenVibe and interpreted by MATLAB. The user had the EEG equipped during school for 8 weeks whereof the user had two instructions, one not to listen to music during school hours however only for 4 weeks. The user was also instructed to listen to music the remaining 4 weeks. Music is a stimulus and would affect the users state of mind. The second instruction was to write down the state of mind every two hours, approximately four times during school.
The reason I made this topic is to get your opinions, feedback and any sort of improvement you might have and tell me if anythings unclear.

Thanks for reading.

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