OpenViBE v2.0.0 is available

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OpenViBE v2.0.0 is available

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We are delighted to announce that

OpenViBE v2.0.0 has been released!

The 2.x series of the software is based on a new OpenViBE SDK developed in collaboration between Inria (France) and Mensia Technologies.
The OpenViBE SDK aims to provide certifiable technology that medical EEG products can be based on.

Read all about the new version here (overview, how to upgrade, limitations, etc)

Finally, we would like to thank the external contributors for code submitted to 2.0,

Brain Products GmbH (Germany) for contributing a 'LiveAmp' driver
Brain Support (Brazil) for contributing LabStreamingLayer (LSL) rate estimation patch

Also many thanks to the previous contributors whose work is inherited from the previous OpenViBE versions.

For a full technical list of changes, please see the follow-up message.

On the behalf of the dev teams,

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Re: OpenViBE 2.0.0 is available

Post by jtlindgren »

OpenViBE is now a merge of 4 different git repositories: sdk, designer, extras and meta.

Here are approximately the changes for the 3 repositories since what was released in OpenViBE 1.3.0. Note that some of the changes may refer to issues introduced during the development of 2.0 and that may not have been present in 1.3.


[Algorithm] Add the missing temporal filter types
[Algorithm] Move the loglevel of scenario importer from Information to Trace
[Algorithm] Update algorithms error management in classification plugin
[Algorithm] Update algorithms error management in signal processing plugin
[Algorithm] Update error management in matrix io algorithms
[Algorithm] Update error management in xml scenario io algorithms
[Base Framework] Add stream overload for time data
[Base Framework] Modify error log format
[Box + Module] Add OV CSV File Reader box with signal support. Some fix on CSV lib
[Box] added stimulations to csv reader box
[Box] adding new CSV Writer for signal input (no stimulations) Box now use the new CSV module to open, write signal, and close a file (based on old BoxAlgorithmFileWriter)
[Box] Can save only the last matrix of features (Streamed matrix, Feature vector, Covariance matrix) in a csv file
[Box] Coding style refactoring in matrix multiplexer documentation
[Box] CSV : added stimulations to CSV Writer Box
[Box] CSV : added streamed matrix to the reader
[Box] CSV : box settings changed
[Box] CSV : fixed compilation error
[Box] CSV : fixed cppcheck warnings
[Box] CSV : Optimize CSV module performance
[Box] CSV : removed bug following to previous modifications
[Box] CSV : removed useless returns
[Box] CSV : replaced error macros
[Box] CSV : separator member variable removed
[Box] CSV : some fixes on stimulation dates
[Box] CSV : some modifications for performance
[Box] CSV : updated code to increase performances
[Box] CSV : updated log error messages
[Box] Feature vector feature with OVCSV reader box
[Box] Fix a potential crash in simple DSP
[Box] Fix some warnings with OVCSV writer box
[Box] Fix some warnings with OVCSV writer box
[Box] Fix update of time-releated member variables on each new input chunk
[Box] fixed bugs for streamed matrix reading
[Box] Minor tweaks in io plugin
[Box] OV CSV Writer: Add Streamed Matrix support
[Box] OVCSV Spectrum read support
[Box] OVCSV Spectrum write support
[Box] Refactor error management within stimulation boxes
[Box] Refactor tool boxes with new error management
[Box] Remove not implemented compression state variables from io plugin
[Box] TBE and SBE boxes import from NeuroRT
[Box] Update boxes error management in classification plugin
[Box] Update boxes error management in signal processing plugin
[Box] Update boxes to use new error management
[Box] Update error management in codec plugin
[Box] Update error management in csv io boxes
[Box] Update error management in electrode localization file reader
[Box] Update error management in feature aggregator box
[Box] Update error management in stream io boxes
[Box] Update Temporal Filter to use shared pointers
[Build] Add missing xerces dependencies to windows-set-environment.cmd
[Build] Add progress information display to the script
[Build] Adds incremental Linux dep installer
[Build] Code prettifying
[Build] Enhance error checking in script
[Build] Fix CPack generation
[Build] Fix cppcheck error
[Build] Fix missing doc-tmp folder
[Build] Fix --msbuild for plaform targets
[Build] Fix path to gtest on Windows
[Build] Invert assessment logic in input validation for more clarity
[Build] Modification of AddOpenViBEComponents to allow multi-config builds
[Build] Multi Configuration Builds for Visual Studio
[Build] Multi Configuration Builds for Visual Studio
[Build] Now install .install file inside the folder + change build folders casing to match type casing
[Build] OV_CONFIG_SUBDIR is not given as parameter if not defined
[Build] Remove SVN specific instructions
[Build] Removes non-multibuild vs project + correct paths
[Build] Update dependencies documentation to install gtest
[Build] Update Linux build script and Linux test runner to comply to new version of certivibe-test
[Build] Update software to work with Ubuntu 16.04
[Build] Update the dependency installer script for Linux
[Build] use command "find_pakage(Git)" in order to find git executable, in case Git is not in Path.
[Build] Use git tag in order to infer the current version of software.
[Build] Windows dependencies install script and manifest files
[CertiViBE Test] Update to last commit of master
[CMake] Add xerces dependency (Linux part) to the project
[CMAKE] Build in priority with /usr/local/include/eigen3 library if it is installed
[CMake] Bump the package version to 0.0.5
[CMake] Bump the project version to 0.0.1
[CMake] Bump the version to 0.0.6 and prefix the package OpenViBE
[CMake] Do not include the "top-level" directory in CPack - This is because the standard NSIS installation routines we use expect the archive to have files directly inside
[CMake] Fix AddCertivibeComponent script when linking static libraries
[CMake] Fix creation of the ctest-launcher with respect to the change of the log folder creation
[CMake] Fix the name zip package
[CMake] Including CertiViBE SDK as dependency
[CMake] Remove macOS specific flags for eigen as they are no longer necessary
[CMake] Update CMake for packaging and test
[CMake] Update Expat third party cmake script
[CMake] Update version to 0.1.99
[CMake] Update Windows test runner to comply to new version of certivibe-test
[CMake] When adding projects, do not INSTALL custom documentation parts even if the doc building is disabled
[Common] Update the global defines to include MasterAcquisitionStreamEncoder
[Dependencies] Update DSP Filters dependency to fix High Pass filters with odd filter orders
[Doc] Update box-tutorials
[Doc] Update documentation
[Doc] Update documentation
[Doc] Update project documentation
[Documenation] Update documenation building to produce packages containing assets
[Documentation] Fix some English
[Documentation] Remove Path_Samples variable from the scenarios
[Feature] Add some flags for OpenMP to optimize its use when used as a backend for eigen
[Feature] Backport changes of extra on typemanager
[Feature] Support for incremental dependency install
[Kernel] - Remove "processBegin" function from CScheduler (re-added while cherry-picking from - Update "processBegin" function to ovkCBoxSettingModifierVisitor.cpp so that it uses new function "checkSettingValue" instead of "evaluateSettingValue" (evaluation is done in toolkit).
[Kernel] Add access to error manager within Kernel
[Kernel] Add addFlag(CString) method
[Kernel] Add an interface for standardized ScenarioImporter algorithm into openvibe - modify the toolkit to use this interface
[Kernel] Add box identifiers and names to the logs emitted from boxes
[Kernel] Add error management interfaces to the Kernel
[Kernel] Add exception handling at scheduler level
[Kernel] Add exportScenario functions to scenario manager
[Kernel] Add isScenario check function in the scenario manager
[Kernel] Add metabox data into Scenario interface, importer and exporter
[Kernel] Add missing OVMatrixFileReader algorithm global defines
[Kernel] Add proper error handling within the Kernel
[Kernel] Add the possibility to hide error locations for releases
[Kernel] Add the Time-Frequency stream type
[Kernel] Add warnings when critical tokens are overwriten
[Kernel] Allow overriding of application name and version
[Kernel] Backport bugfixes from upstream - fix the classifier listener for changed parameters - stop the scheduler immediately when a plugin requests it
[Kernel] Bridges removal from CBoxAlgorithmContext class
[Kernel] Change code layout to improve readability
[Kernel] Change OV_ERROR_KRV macro to return void()
[Kernel] Code style grooming
[Kernel] Coding rules conformance
[Kernel] Create an interface for scenario exporters in Kernel and make the toolkit exporter inherit from it
[Kernel] Created Interface for designer use
[Kernel] Disable VisualisationTree handling when GTK is not present
[Kernel] Disabled boxes will now not launch their initialize function
[Kernel] Disabled boxes will now not receive input data
[Kernel] Do not print warnings when overriding plugin paths
[Kernel] Edit the way bitmask values are retrieved. Fix Acquisition client boxes Address #1187
[Kernel] Enhance error management macro wrappers for better usability
[Kernel] Error type ordering
[Kernel] Fix bug preventing entering player loop
[Kernel] Fix bugs revealed by the error checking
[Kernel] Fix compilation bug on Linux due to assignment operator disabled
[Kernel] Fix compilation bugs on Linux
[Kernel] Fix compilation on Windows and update test repo
[Kernel] Fix configuration token load with UNC paths (paths with $)
[Kernel] Fix crash when deleting Kernel Context with a scenario containing a Box Listener
[Kernel] Fix error management in CBoxSettingModifierVisitor
[Kernel] Fix for mod settings interface
[Kernel] Fix missing token on windows
[Kernel] Fix naming in assert macro returning zero
[Kernel] Fix some bugs
[Kernel] Fix state corruption when clearing scenarios
[Kernel] Fix the plugin manager loading, do not crash on invalid plugins
[Kernel] Fix typo in player context
[Kernel] Fix UNC paths - Add documentation
[Kernel] Fix warnings and remove debug code from the Simulated box
[Kernel] get functions of player are now const + fix unix build
[Kernel] Give metaboxes access to plugin creation through plugin manager
[Kernel] Improve readability in the kernel and also release and void the object descriptor array
[Kernel] Improve time precision with vs2013
[Kernel] in IBox function, replace evaluateSettingValue with checkSettingValue that only takes care of checking the numeric parameters, (it could be improved to check other types of parameters, such as paths or enumerations) Address #1187
[Kernel] Load plugin specific configuration files
[Kernel] Load symbols in the dynamic plugins locally
[Kernel] Make kernel object not copyable in an explicit manner
[Kernel] Make local plugin symbol loading optional
[Kernel] Make stopping player when a disabled box is present in the scenario optional
[Kernel] Make the Fatal logs follow the same convention as errors
[Kernel] Make the kernel accept scenarios containing boxes with unknown identifiers - This makes it possible to save a scenario with boxes created by another version of OpenViBE without ruining them - This makes it possible to run scenarios which contain non-existing _disabled_ boxes
[Kernel] Make the Scheduler initialization fail when running an empty scenario
[Kernel] Make the stream overloading standards compliant
[Kernel] Minor cleaning in configuration tokens setup
[Kernel] Minor fixes in CKernelContext class
[Kernel] Minor fixes in error management
[Kernel] Minor fixes to fully clean bridges from contexts
[Kernel] Minor improvements related to c++11 features
[Kernel] Minor tweaks to error management interfaces
[Kernel] Modify exception handling implementation to fully use functional programming
[Kernel] Modify exception handling in CAlgorithm
[Kernel] Modify internal state handling in CPlayer and CScheduler
[Kernel] Move importer context + update CIdentifier random method
[Kernel] Move SBoxProto out of the PluginManager to tools
[Kernel] Move the function checkSettingValue from ovkTBox.hpp to kernel/src/tools/ovkCSettingChecker.h, as this function doesn't require any elements from IBox and the interface is already very big. Rename the setting's name to suit CertiViBE coding rules.
[Kernel] Move the metabox import context identifier to global scope - bump the version to 3.0.0 as the metabox modification breaks the API
[Kernel] Moved metabox functionality into a dedicated manager
[Kernel] Only check box priority when the attribute is actually present - this avoids a ton of debugger breaks on exceptions
[Kernel] Reduce amount of warning and use debug level instead
[Kernel] Remove asserts, add comments, update the test repository
[Kernel] Remove bridges from CAlgorithmContext class
[Kernel] Remove bridges from CPlayerContext class
[Kernel] Remove bridges from other context
[Kernel] Remove bridging functions
[Kernel] Remove CAlgorithmProxy class
[Kernel] Remove exception handling from simulated boxes
[Kernel] Remove old unused Scenario Importer and Exporter type of plugins
[Kernel] Remove signal handler from kernel context
[Kernel] Remove suspended state from simulated box
[Kernel] Remove unused identifier
[Kernel] Remove unused variables in GenericStreamWriter and ClassifierProcessor boxes. ovkSettingChecker: Remove evaluation step from checkSettingValue (useless as the parsing of settings throws an exception) ovkPlayer.cpp: fix inconsistent warning message.
[Kernel] Remove use of deprecated boost functions + now only use boost::chrono
[Kernel] Removed the need for configuration token
[Kernel] Rename CAlgorithm class to CAlgorithmProxy
[Kernel] rename ovkCSettingChecker.h to ovk_setting_checker.h according to coding rules, as it doesn't contain any classes.
[Kernel] Rename some variable to suit CertiViBE coding rules, fix a few potential bugs after code review
[Kernel] Replace addFlag(CString) method with addFlag(CIdentifier)
[Kernel] Replace internal openScenario method within CScheduler class
[Kernel] Replace openvibe types with native C types
[Kernel] Replace some asserts and update the testing commit
[Kernel] Replaced string with CIdentifier in internal use
[Kernel] Reset managers rather than release them in order to call their destructors
[Kernel] Set the output console to UTF-8 by default
[Kernel] Simplify MetaboxManager
[Kernel] Switch algorithm section to new error management
[Kernel] Switch base classes to new error management
[Kernel] Switch configuration section to new error management
[Kernel] Switch player section to new error management
[Kernel] Switch plugin section to new error management
[Kernel] Switch scenario section to new error management
[Kernel] Update assert macros to be usable from outside OpenViBE::Kernel scope
[Kernel] Update Module Socket to work under macOS
[Kernel] Update resources management in CKernelContext
[Kernel] Update scheduler condition after code review
[Kernel] Update the code after code review
[Kernel] Update the code after code review
[Kernel] Update to player context after code review
[Kernel] Use openvibe way of iterating over collections for scenario importers and exporters
[Kernel] Use void() instead of nothing for return code
[Kernel]: Change default location in error manager implementation
[Kernel]: Error manager Kernel default implementation
[Module] Add Bluetooth connection to module socket
[Module] Add CSV (read and write) module
[Module] Add functions with safe string manipulation to module FS
[Module] Add popen function to module FS
[Module] Disable the copyFile function on linux with old boost
[Module] Fix compilation on Ubuntu 14 and remove usage of FS types
[Module] Fix opening files in non-ASCII paths in the XML module
[Module] Install the static version of module socket
[Module] OV CSV: Fix separator in the header, Use Generic Codec and improve plugin code [Plugins] CSV: Indent [Toolkit] Add FeatureVector to Generic Codec
[Module] Remove documentation files used to build standalone EBML module documentation
[Module] Rename TConnectionDelegate with a h extension
[Module] System: Add comment. Improve Windows errors.
[Module] System: Add Dynamic Module class
[Module] System: Avoid the use of STL string in function signatures
[Module] System: Fix compilation
[Module] System: Fix for Linux build
[Module] System: Fix linux compilation
[Module] System: Fix possible segfault and remove unload() from destructor
[Module] System: Fix variable name
[Module] System: Improve Linux compatibility. Coding rules
[Module] System: Update Dynamic Module class. Add error code. Coding rules
[Module] System: Update Dynamic Module class. Fix typo and Linux compilation
[Module] System: Update loadFromRegistry function and update documenation
[Module] Update module CSV to work with Unicode paths
[Modules] Make the Entry enumerators work with unicode paths on Windows
[Modules] Only escape quotes in XML attributes, not in the data
[Modules] Optimize CSV module performance
[OpenViBE] Add possibility to declare scenario importer and exporter algorithms per extension and context
[OpenViBE] Add utility macros to the framework
[Openvibe] Change spectrum stream to be represented as a set of frequencies rather than bins
[OpenViBE] Expose ConfigurationManager in the plugin context
[Openvibe] Fix compilation on macOS and warnings, simplify Player code a bit
[OpenViBE] Minor fixes to wrapper macros
[Openvibe] Replace Boost functions by C++11 in CertiViBE
[OpenViBE] Update CMake and directories to use dedicated config folder
[Plugins & Module & Tests] OV CSV: improve performance of the parsing
[Plugins] Add documentation for the new CSV Reader and Writer
[Plugins] Add software component openvibe-sdk to all boxes and algorithms
[Plugins] Add Windowing, xDAWN Trainer and Spectral Analysis plugins
[Plugins] Add XML scenario file names in the file-io plugin
[Plugins] Bump SDK version to 0.2.99
[Plugins] Change plugin default settings and input types to be more sensible - The identify box has now a default signal input/output, this avoids error messages when dragging the box into the scenario - Generic stream reader and writer now have a default signal and stimulation input/output - EBML Stream Spy and Stimulation listener now use Information log level by default - Matrix Validity Checker box now uses Warning log level
[Plugins] CSV OV Reader: Add a check on stimulation to ignore misplaced ones
[Plugins] Disable the Deprecated CSV Boxes
[Plugins] File-IO: Copy ov signal to shared scenarios examples
[Plugins] Fix "heisenbug"
[Plugins] Fix classifier processor configuration reloading bug
[Plugins] Fix Unicode handling in the CSP Trainer plugin
[Plugins] Fix Unicode handling in the CSP Trainer plugin
[Plugins] Fix unicode handling in the CSV plugin
[Plugins] Fixed missing input setting declaration
[Plugins] Migrate xsd schema validation from toolkit to plugin io
[Plugins] Minor fixes in classification plugins error management
[Plugins] Minor fixes to improve code robustness in xml importer
[Plugins] Minor tweaks in signal processing plugin error management
[Plugins] Remove trailing documentation file and server-drivers and server-extensions folders
[Plugins] rename certivibe-plugins to openvibe-plugins-base
[Plugins] rename plugins to openvibe-plugins-sdk-*
[Plugins] Spectral Analysis: Fix indent
[Plugins] Spectral Analysis: Run onlu if the sample count per buffer is > 1
[Plugins] Update documentation of sofware component version getters
[Plugins] Update plugins with newest NeuroRT features
[Plugins] xDAWN Trainer: - Add 'save as box config' option (let true by default, save into matrix format if set to false) - Input signal matrix building optimization.
[Refactor] Add operator+= to CString
[Refactor] Deduce COMPANY_NAME from BRAND_NAME
[Refactor] Fix env init
[Refactor] More licences updates
[Refactor] Refactor + solve potential crash on releasePluginObject
[REFACTOR] Refactoring of the CSV library
[Refactor] Removal of metabox-loader + use the new CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD variable + fixed some warnings
[Refactor] Remove LINK_CLASSIFICATION from AddCertivibeComponents + added values to global defines
[Refactor] Removed unused mensia mentions in files + updated licences
[Refactor] Rename CertiViBE to OpenViBE SDK
[Refactor] Set vsbuild default paths to old value
[Refactor] Update CSP tests to make them pass
[Refactor] Update OneVsOne Classifier so that it uses typemanager instead
[Refactor] Update Regularized CSP Trainer with inria modifications
[Refactor] User defined paths for visual studio builds
[Scenario Player] Standalone player can now load metaboxes
[Script & CMake] Fix path to the player for tests if the packaging step is activated
[Scripts] Add 64bit build
[Scripts] Dependencies folders depending of the platform target
[Scripts] Fix bug in script, first line of manifest file was not read.
[Scripts] Fix ctest launcher
[Scripts] Fix environment and build scripts
[Scripts] Fix issue in Windows build initialization
[Scripts] Fix package generation
[Scripts] Fix packaging creation and test running
[Scripts] Fix project's name
[Scripts] Fix project's name bis
[Scripts] Fix x64 build for cross compiling
[Scripts] Fix Xerces find third parties and OV SDK components
[Scripts] Install the include files when using the AddCertivibeComponents script
[Scripts] Remove TVicPort
[Scripts] Remove useless variable from env for ctest launcher
[Scripts] Tabify windows-initialize-environment.cmd file
[Scripts] Test improvement of Visual Studio detection
[Scripts] Update build script to use Visual Studio
[Scripts] Update cmake variable for packaging
[Scripts] Update gitignore about dependencies
[Scripts] Update test dependecies data. Link for CSP data was dead
[Scripts] Use relative path for build directory variable
[Scripts] Use Visual Studio 2013 Express edition ad default IDE
[Scripts] Windows Dependencies: minor improvements
[Submodule] Move test to main dir from submodule
[Submodule] Test: Update submodule reference to master
[SubModule] Test: Update to master
[SubModule] Test: Update to master head
[Submodule] Update submodule
[Submodule] Update submodule reference
[Submodule] Update submodule reference
[Submodule] update test reference
[Submodule] Update test submodule reference
[Submodule] Update test submodule reference
[Test Submodule] Update reference
[Test] CSV: Fix reader test
[Test] Fix Dynamic Module test to support 64bit
[Test] Fix validation test on Windows account with spaces in path
[Test] Update submodule reference
[Tests] Incorrect python will not stop build execution anymore
[Tool] Fix the Player_ScenarioDirectory variable usage in scenario player
[Toolkit] Add access to error manager within toolkit
[Toolkit] Add missing stimulation labels
[Toolkit] Add xml validation against XSD schema
[Toolkit] Change FSAutoCast error type to parsing error
[Toolkit] Fix a typo in registerClassificationComparisonFunction
[Toolkit] Fix Unicode handling in Toolkit
[Toolkit] Fixes in classification after review
[Toolkit] Minor tweaks in scenario import error handling
[Toolkit] Modify behavior of scenario importer for boxes to update
[Toolkit] Move the TGenericCodec into the toolkit from the signal-processing plugin
[Toolkit] Refactor toolkit classes to use new error management system
[Toolkit] Remove ovtkColorGradient from toolkit
[Toolkit] Remove the percent unit definition
[Toolkit] Remove typefefs causing compiling failure on windows
[Toolkit] Style changes
[Toolkit] Update dependencies to add Xerces library on Windows
[Toolkit] Update toolkit and kernel to enable injection of external classifiers
[Tools] Fix scneario player tokens
[Unit Test] Clean the framework to prevent cppcheck warnings and errors
[Unit Test] Clean the framework to prevent cppcheck warnings and errors on Windows
[Unit Test] Fix the XML unit test after the change to the XML parser
[Validation Test] Deactivate OneVsOne HT and Voting classifier tests
[Validation test] Remove debug code in CMake
[Validation Test] Use OVCSV box in tests instead of the old one
APP Scenario Player: Add Features and Bug fix
Build: Add boost chrono dependency for Linux build
Build: Fixed a problem with CMake & stim generation
Cast and unused variable warning fixes
CertiViBE: Deleted boxes from the tools plugin
CertiViBE: Fixed compilation of data generation plugin
CertiViBE: Initial public version
CertiViBE: Removed acquisition plugin
CertiViBE: Removed boxes from file-io
CertiViBE: Removed boxes from the stimulation plugin
CertiViBE: Removed boxes in the signal processing plugin
CertiViBE: Removed classifier plugins not in perimeter
CertiViBE: Removed contrib/ not in perimeter
CertiViBE: Removed debian/ not in perimeter
CertiViBE: Removed evaluation plugin outside perimeter
CertiViBE: Removed network-io plugin
Certivibe: Removed OV applications not in perimeter
CertiViBE: Removed the examples plugin
CertiViBE: Removed the matlab plugin
CertiViBE: Removed the server extensions
CertiViBE: Removed the simple-visualisation plugin
CertiViBE: Removed the tests plugin
CertiViBE: Removed the VRPN plugin
CertiViBE: Removed unwanted boxes from Data Generation
Clean: Add OVP_GD_ClassId_Algorithm_XMLScenarioExporter into global definitions file
Clean: Clean Classification plugin
Clean: Clean Codec plugin
Clean: Clean Data Generation plugin
Clean: Clean Feature Extraction plugin
Clean: Clean File IO plugin
Clean: Clean Signal Processing Plugin
Clean: Clean Stimulation plugin
Clean: Clean Streaming plugin
Clean: Fix plugin-related compiler warning in visual
Clean: Remove 3D Visualisation
Clean: Remove architecture warning on non-windows platforms
Clean: Remove cmake-generated configuration file
Clean: Remove dead references to visualisation entities
Clean: Remove GTK from kernel and boxes
Clean: Remove messages system from framework
Clean: Remove missed gtk references
Clean: Remove obsolete install scripts
Clean: Remove plugin inspector
Clean: Remove plugin inspector token
Clean: Remove scenario configuration token
Clean: Remove the unused, always infinitely recursive, function getClassHierarchy from the IObject
Clean: Remove unused box flags
Clean: Remove unused box prioritisation based on x,y coordinates
Clean: Remove unused dependencies from Linux
Clean: Remove unused dependencies from Windows
Clean: Remove unused global definitions
Clean: Remove unused ProcessingUnit feature from framework
Clean: Remove unused token from configuration files
Clean: Remove visualization-based functionnality from boxes
Clean: Restrict custom configuration files inclusion from base configuration file
Clean: Revert changes to stimulation files generator
Clean: Revert over-cleaning of legacy message/signal system
Cleanup: Add back necessary files in file-io plugin
Cleanup: General update to make the project compile after merge with Inria repository
Cleanup: Move clock stimulator to stimulation plugin
Cleanup: Move identity to signal-processing plugin
Cleanup: Move scenario importer/exporter to file-io plugin
Cleanup: Move TimeSignal box to data-generation plugin
Cleanup: Remove Cleanup: Remove the non-relevant documentation and boxes from samples plugin
Cleanup: Remove Cleanup: Remove the non-relevant documentation and boxes from tools plugin
Cleanup: Remove Cleanup: Remove the non-relevant documentation from signal-processing plugin
Cleanup: Remove Cleanup: Remove the non-relevant documentation from vrpn plugin
Cleanup: Remove documentation files and signals in file-io plugin
Cleanup: Remove test files from repository
Cleanup: Remove test-related features from project
Cleanup: Remove the non-relevant documentation and boxes from stimulation plugin
Cleanup: Remove the non-relevant documentation from classification/
Cleanup: Remove the samples plugin
Cleanup: Remove the Shinkage LDA classifier
Cleanup: Update Eigen find script so for OSX
CMake: Add inclusion of files located in the build tree in the toolkit import module
CMake: do not compile Windows specific files on non-windows
CMake: Fix bug in find toolkit module due to stimulation files not generated yet
CMake: modify the interpreter that launches the test script
Common: Add a common::resampler class that abstracts the r8brain library
Common: Update global define
Dependencies: Add the DSP filters source code dependency
Dependencies: add the r8brain source code
Do not initialize the stream availability checking for metaboxes
Error Management: Add exception handling features to the framework
Feature Extraction: Fix bug that prevented box from being loaded
Fixes to resampler after code review
Fixes to the Linux dependency installer
Kernel/Toolkit: Change evaluation of settings after code review
Kernel-Studio: set some log messages from Trace to debug, improve some log messages in Kernel.
Minor fixes in ovkCAlgorithmManager.cpp
Module Socket: Fix up the IConnectionParallel
Module System: Use #pragma once instead of guards
OVP Plugins: replace calls to getSettingValue with a call to "FSettingValueAutoCast" in plugins. Address #1187
Plugin Classification: Fix a compilation bug on Linux
Plugin: Add documentation to interfaces to enforce exception-safe uninitialization
Plugins: Add a resampler plugin based on the r8brain library
Plugins: Add the temporal filter box
Plugins: Add the zero crossing detector box
Plugins: Do not randomize k-fold test sets by default
Plugins: Fix a warning that was actually an error in the matrix validity checker
Plugins: Fix signal merger error codes
Plugins: Fix the classifier trainer
Plugins: Optimize the input checking a bit in the signal merger
Plugins: Rename the Resampler::ICallback::process method to processResampler to avoid name clashes
Plugins: Take the resampler renaming into account
Scenario Format: Add formal scenario format descriptors
Scenario Player: Add error handling support for failures in player loops
Scenario Player: Add global token configuration
Scenario Player: Add guard if argument is missing
Scenario Player: Add scenario-specific token configuration
Scenario Player: Fix bug that prevented correct cleanup of players in error cases
Scenario Player: Remove reset lists
Scenario Player: Renaming of missing argument error
Scenario Player: Typo fix
Scenario Player: Update application to use the new API
Scenario Player: Update the KernelFacade to use the importScenario function from the Kernel
Script: Enhance build script for CI
Script: Minor fixes in build script
Signal Processing: Fixed regression in Stimulation Based epoching introduced while working on #1187, the Stimulation Based Epoching can accept a null or negative offset. Also fix a crash on delete pointer when initialization ends with a negative duration setting
System Module: Backport scaling bugfix from OpenViBE
System Module: Change fallback mechanism
System Module: Fix type correctness issues
System: Refactor time class
Test Submodule: Update reference
Test Submodule: Update reference
Test: Add Build type to the test cmake command
Test: Add the certivibe-test repository as a submodule, add a test runner project
Test: Added option to disable testing and made the variables use cmake cache
Test: added OVT_LOG_DIR and OVT_TEST_DATA_DIR variables to the cmake build
Test: Fix test runner on Windows
Test: Make the test launcher generate CTest output XML
Test: Update the certivibe-test submodule reference
Test: Update the test repository submodule to master
Test: Update the test submodule
Test: Update the test submodule
Test: Update the unit test submodule
Toolkit: add and use function evaluateSettingValue in TypeManager class, this function is then used in FSettingValueAutoCast functions. Address #1187
Toolkit: Add prefix to stimulation header file inclusion
Toolkit: change default return value of int32 FSettingValueAutoCast function.
Toolkit: Change the position of the const keyword
Toolkit: Edit ovtkTBoxAlgorithm to expand CString before returning them, this is mandatory as the BoxAlgorithmContext that was removed used to do this.
Toolkit: Fix a bug introduced in previous refactoring
Toolkit: Fix bug that prevented correct generation of stimulation files
Toolkit: Fix warning due to function hiding
Toolkit: Modify root CMakeLists to generate stimulation files in the build tree
Toolkit: Remove auto-generated stimulation files from source tree
Toolkit: Remove deprecated objects from the toolkit
Toolkit: remove useless check of condition before throwing a warning. OVP Sig Pro: update Stimulation Base Epoching to clear stimulation vector.
Toolkit: Use const references everywhere for process trigger


[App Engine Server] Update pipelines with new version of 'Epoch Average' boxes.
[Box] Add topographic map 2D documentation
[Box] Remove the Keyboard simulator box
[Box] Update Simple Visualization boxes to work with the native C int types
[Bugfix] Fix bug when there is duplicate settings in the settings dialog editor
[Build] Add --dependencies-dir option to specify a list of dependencies directory
[Build] Add installation manifest file ".install" to root install directory. This file lists version, commit hash, date and branch on the one software was built. Add build number to resource file and change copyright to fit certivibe's one Read OV SDK installation manifest and infer ov SDK version from it.
[Build] Add token "COPYRIGHT_DATE" in order to avoid to have to change date in LegalCopyright every year.
[Build] Change command name to lower-case to be consistent with rest of code, after review.
[Build] Change Studio repository to allow to build studio on CI, and build packages. Addresses review comments, rename package description, fix cpack error on Jenkins.
[Build] dist folder are no longer upper cased
[Build] Fix build scripts and CMake on linux
[Build] Fix CPack generation
[Build] fix for default build + add a forgotten ubuntu dependency
[Build] Fix unix-build + correct macros error
[Build] Manifests for the dep installer
[Build] Multi Configuration Builds for Visual Studio
[Build] OV_CONFIG_SUBDIR can now be given through build scripts
[Build] Regorganized cmake inclusions + Separate finding ov and linking it
[Build] Remove SVN specific instructions
[Build] Rename openvibe dependency to openvibe-sdk
[Build] Reset sdk default dir
[Build] Set cmake policy for CMP0010 to OLD.
[Build] Update build scripts - remove singletype visual build
[Build] Update build scripts for visual studio - add default location for the SDK and the Certivibe dependencies
[Build] Update command line build script
[Build] Update dependencies links
[Build] Update unix-build script with hide error locations option
[Build] Update windows dependencies links + bump version to 0.2.99
[Build] use command "find_pakage(Git)" in order to find git executable, in case Git is not in Path.
[Build] Use the new CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD + fix path bug
[CMake] Add ability to control OEM distribution from the build script
[CMake] Bump the version to 0.0.6
[CMake] Fix designer/studio launch script
[CMake] Fix the Eigen cmake file regression
[CMake] Remove dependency check and display correct branch names and hashes in logs
[CMake] Script for including CertiViBE as dependency
[CMake] Update CMake to be able to build full packages on linux
[CMake] Update the version to 0.1.99
[CMake] Use the Certivibe with dependencies in the bin folder - install gtk dependencies into the bin folder - do not use launcher scripts
[Dependencies] Add get-dependencies unix script and manifests to download sdk dependencies for ubuntu 14 and ubuntu 16.
[Dependencies] Add packet openvibe-sdk-debug to Studio dependencies in order to allow to build the package in Debug.
[Dependencies] Update the openvibe-sdk dependency to 0.1.99
[Designer] Add "Recent Scenarios" menu item to "File" menu. Add menu_open_recent_scenario_cb callback to open the scenario of activated item recent scenario. Add function addRecentScenario used at startup and when closing scenario in order to add a scenario to "Recent scenario" menu.
[Designer] Add 5 options to designer command line
[Designer] Add a more meaningful message in case of bad scenario and make it an error instead of warning
[Designer] Add a summary message on designer load + fix vs build
[Designer] Add a toggle between the lan and local engine connection
[Designer] Also stop the scenario when using fast forward
[Designer] Americanization
[Designer] Code prettifying : instantiave var on multiples lines + rename
[Designer] Create a blank scenario only if gui is activated
[Designer] Do not load kernel when -h or --help switch is set at command lie
[Designer] Do not write calculable attributes to the scenario and avoid modifying scenarios on save without changes - remove link source and destination positions before save - resize the window manager window correctly when openend - do not add Box size attributes to the scenario as they are never used - re-use the last visualization tree identifier
[Designer] edit ovdCApllication after code review, fix other cppcheck warnings
[Designer] Ensure that a scenario path is not added twice to scenario list, and remove it from menu when the user re-opens it.
[Designer] fix - Scenario variables are wrongly restored if they were modified without saving after Play
[Designer] Fix a warning when destroying the Designer object
[Designer] Fix addition of superfluous dots when saving scenarios
[Designer] Fix compilation on linux
[Designer] Fix compilation on LInux
[Designer] Fix compilation on Windows
[Designer] Fix copy of dangling link
[Designer] Fix crash when using the setting override function, by a partial revert
[Designer] Fix introduced bug: when opening a session, all the recently opened scenarios were opened Change behaviour and stop removing recent scenarios from list after opening one (to be consistent with most applications offering this feature) Replace definition of RecentFileNumber with a const static variable.
[Designer] Fix metabox WARNING at Designer initialization
[Designer] Fix opening acquisition settings screen
[Designer] Fix the bug when no new inputs could be added to boxes usign the designer
[Designer] Fix the GTK warnings when hovering over a tab of file with an & in the path
[Designer] Help redirection to web documentation for non MENSIA_DISTRIBUTION application, bug fix for 'issue report'
[Designer] Import color gradient view from extras
[Designer] Import mod settings example box + fix it
[Designer] Include code to distinguish mensia boxes graphically
[Designer] Integrate a visualization toolkit in the Studio
[Designer] Make boolean and enum settings arbitrarily editable
[Designer] Make the NeuroRT Engine Control Panel great again
[Designer] Massive overhaul of visualizations in the designer
[Designer] Merge the release player and stop interfaced scenario functions
[Designer] Minor fixes and comments
[Designer] On Linux instead of opening mensia-flexnet-activation tool, display an information message to inform the user he can use the tool in command line to activate a license.
[Designer] Only propose input and output stream types that a box supports
[Designer] Pull the software version from the CMake variables instead of hardcoding it
[Designer] Re-add "Register license" handling function "registerLicenseCB" that launches the mensia-flexnet-activation.exe application. In case this application is not installed, the button "Register License" is hidden.
[Designer] reduce scope of a variable Tracker reference
[Designer] Removal of duplicate colorgradient class (already in viz toolkit)
[Designer] Remove commented out code and mention of box-id in the right click menu
[Designer] Remove hide/show unstable from Designer
[Designer] Remove selected attribute from boxes, commentsa and links when saving a scenario
[Designer] Replace antislash by slash in Windows path for Filename and Script settings
[Designer] Revert changes to avoid crash
[Designer] Small update to settings, fix for coding rules and one warning
[Designer] Update creation of argument array
[Designer] Update designer asserts after code review
[Designer] Update indent in ovdCConnectionEditor
[Designer] Update sdk dependencies links
[Designer] Update the changelog dialog with correct versions
[Designer] Update the designer configuration file to reflect changes in code - this fixes an exception raised (and a breakpoint in debug mode)
[Designer] Update the designer to correctly display [Plugin] Add software component openvibe-designer to all boxes and algorithms
[Designer] Use configuration manager rather than hardcoded version numbers for displayed version - Also simplify the default about-dialog and remove the mensia license and contact information
[Designer] Use kernel native scenario exporters instead of the file formats framework
[Designer] Use kernel native scenario importers instead of the file formats framework
[Designer] Use openvibe way of iterating over collections for scenario importers and exporters
[Designer] Use Path_Data/scenarios for default folder rather than Path_Samples
[Designer] Use std::string instead of c-like replacement
[Desinger] Move archway integration to subfolder, add engine server launch button
[Doc] Update box tutorials
[GUI] Add random id generation and check
[GUI] Ctrl+A also select links and comments
[GUI] Fix focus on box from log function into studio
[GUI] Fix toolbar spacing mistake
[GUI] Fix zoom with multiple scenarios tabs
[GUI] Import dynamic settings feature into studio
[GUI] Import focus on box from log function into studio
[GUI] Import loop (auto restart) function into studio
[GUI] Import runtime modifiable settings into studio
[GUI] Import search in log feature into studio
[GUI] Import zoom function into studio
[GUI] Moved exporter context to a more sensible place
[GUI] PR comments : Rename to correct coding conventions
[GUI] PR comments + converted map m_vCurrentObject to set m_sSelectedObjects
[GUI] Remove old metabox-loader files
[GUI] Remove viewport shadow
[GUI] Removed non existing include/rebase fix
[GUI] Removed unused code + edit metabox drag/drop code
[GUI] Renamed method addMetaboxesFromFiles
[GUI] Simplify some code
[GUI] Update GUI looks
[GUI] Use MetaboxManager to load metabox
[Kernel] About now include components description + changed title to match Application_Version
[Kernel] Add the possibility to hide error locations for releases
[Kernel] Fix for addFlag(CIdentifier) method
[Kernel] Fix for addFlag(CString) method
[Kernel] Readability updates following code review (static_cast -> .toASCIIString)
[Libraries] Advance Viz: Backport fixes
[Libraries] Import the initial version of the lib-advanced-visualization
[Libraries] Update the lib-advanced-visualization library to compile on Windows
[Libraries] Update the lib-advanced-visualization to compile on Unix
[Modules] Enable designer to open files from folders with utf characters
[Plugin] Add 2D Topographic Map plugin - the plugin was modified in order to be able to use the mensia cartesian.txt coordinate file - originally it takes x, y, z coordinates whereas mensia coordinates are on -y, x, z axes
[Plugin] Add license file for linpack library used in 2d topographic map
[Plugin] Add missing documentation image for Matrix Display
[Plugin] Advance Visualization: Fix scenarios examples token
[Plugin] Change word "visualisation" (EN) to "visualization" (US)
[Plugin] Display Cure Image and Keyboard Stimulator: Fix crash and file path
[Plugin] Display Cure Image and Keyboard Stimulator: Fix some path
[Plugin] Display Cure Image and Keyboard Stimulator: Fix some path and issue in Keyboard Stimulator
[Plugin] Display Cure Image and Keyboard Stimulator: Use basic types
[Plugin] Fix a software component
[Plugin] Migrate Display Cure Image and Keyboard Stimulator
[Plugin] Remove Display Cue Image plugin
[Plugin] Simple Visualization: Fix names and duplicate
[Plugins] Change doc scenarios destination and remove useless documentation
[Plugins] Fix compilation on Linux
[Plugins] Fix the decoders and encoder signatures after port to Certivibe
[Plugins] Integrate the Matrix Display box in the Studio
[Plugins] rename plugins to openvibe-plugins-designer
[Plugins] Update the visualisation plugins to compile on Unix
[Plugins] Update to visualizations after code review
[Refactor] Add missing --build-dir --install-dir on windows script
[Refactor] Rename Certivibe to openvibe sdk & studio to designer
[Refactor] Rename Certivibe to openvibe sdk & studio to designer
[Refactor] Rename Certivibe to openvibe sdk & studio to designer
[Refactor] Set build and install dir to old default with vs builds
[Refactor] User defined paths for visual studio builds
[Script] Make linux-install_dependencies executable.
[Scripts] 64bit build support
[Scripts] Dependencies: Update dependencies's links
[Scripts] Fix bug in script, dependency server's URL was still read as first line of manifest file.
[Scripts] Fix build with --vsbuild option with x86
[Scripts] Fix powershell script. Make sure that cache_dir can be set to a non-existing path (user could want to create a new cache) * Use $Script:7zip_executable in function ExandZipFile * When using old unzip, create destination directory first.
[Scripts] Fix trouble with check of version in get-dependencies batch script. * Write one version token file per dependency at the end of install to avoid the same dependency to be extracted twice by several call to script with different manifests. * Fix bug in script, dependency server's URL was still read as first line of manifest file.
[Scripts] Make the user data subdirectory modifiable in the build script - also find dependencies in the sane default folders
[Scripts] Refactor dependencies install in order to fasten it. * Use 7zip in powershell script to install dependencies.
[Scripts] Update dependencies to use the latest 0.2.99 release
[Scripts] Visual Studio 2013 Express is the default IDE
Add visualisation framework from Kernel into the Designer code
CMake: Look for certivibe in the openvibe-release/debug folders in dependencies by default rather than certivibe-release/debug - This is because the project is still called openvibe, certivibe is not an actual program's name
CMake: Update the project to use dedicated confiig folder
Plugins: Rename some visualization algorithms as "BoxAlgorithms"
Remove some comments
Rename project to Designer
Studio: Add a readme file and an installer
Update Linux dependency installation script and instructions
Update windows installation instructions


[extras] fix link issue with winmm
Add a check before adding unstable flag to enum + change definitions to OVP instead of OV
Add deprecated flag to xdawn and CSV reader/writer + rename dox-part to fit the new name of xdawn
Add designer dependency and install launch script.
Add metabox example
add processIput function
Add pygame requiry for python-pygame scenario
Add --vsbuild and --vsproject commands
Added error messages & corrections to Acquisition client box
Applications: Acquisition Server now builds and runs
Applications: Made Plugin Inspector exit after reacting to --help
Applications: Removed Designer. Will be provided from another source.
Boxes: Bumped default Matlab version to 2013b
Boxes: Changed getSettingValue calls to FSettingValueAutoCast
Boxes: Fixed token interpretation in Python box parameters
Build: Added manifest for incremental dependency installer
Build: Added Ninja to the dependencies
Build: Added some GTK include guards
Build: Enabled compilation of Enobio3G and EEGO drivers
Build: Enabled demos and convert tool compilation
Build: Initial commit of OpenViBE 2.0 based on Certivibe
Build: Made it more clear which dependencies are optional
Build: Moved Linux dependency helpers to a folder
Build: Removed the old Windows dependency installer
Build: SSVEP demo and VR demos now compile
Contrib: Removed unsupported CoAdapt P300 code
Delete/Merge files both in certivibe and openvibe
Deleted Message spy - the message system is not available anymore Deleted EBML stream spy - identical to cert version (except for const correctness) Added tools, dll-bridge, network-io, streaming, in the build Replaced IsUnstable flag with new one
Demos: Fixed incremental motor imagery scenario
Demos: Fixes to the SSVEP demos
Demos: Made SSVEP demo behave better with path/token issues
Driver: Added BrainProducts LiveAmp driver
Drivers: Adds sampling rate estimation to the LSL driver
Drivers: Fixed EGI AmpServer driver not closing the .script files
Drivers: Fixed gusbamp gipsa forgetting the filters
Drivers: Fixed improper driver flag handling in LiveAmp driver
Drivers: Fixed LiveAmp driver compiler warnings
Drivers: LiveAmp8 and LiveAmp16 support for LiveAmp Driver
Examples: External Stimulation Connection example deprecated
First fix : Extras now build even with borked PYTHONPATH/PYTHONHOME
Fix example compilation
Fix for classification algorithm (they now use typemanager)
Fix last letter issue: P300 Stimulator must wait at least Inter-trial rest before sending 'OVTK_StimulationId_ExperimentStop'. A new rest state has been introduce : State_ExperimentStopRest
Fix matlab compilation, doesn't require access to sdk code anyymore, only dist
fix openvibe build by including plugins and libs into the final dist
Fix WARN about filter duplicated enumeration
Fix warning : missing outputs for generic streal reader in connectivity scenario
Fixed plugin manager. Beware, folder need to exist to make it work
Fixed skeleton generator
Forgot duplicate that were renamed
GCC7 fix + types update
Implement multi type build on extras Removal of internal designer project Now use DIST_* variables on subprojects
ITPP install from a dir instead of a list of files
Kernel: Removed kernel headers. Provided by openvibe-sdk.
Kernel: Removed kernel. Will be provided by openvibe-sdk.
Last wave of file removal in plugins dir : no duplicate should subsist there anymore
Launch: Allow user providing custom path to Python 2.7
Make Visu compile - ogre visu are commented
Modules: Removed EBML module. Will be provided by Certivibe.
Modules: Removed fs module. Will be provided by Certivibe.
Modules: Removed socket module. Will be provided by Certivibe.
Modules: Removed system module. Will be provided by Certivibe.
Modules: Removed xml module. Will be provided by Certivibe.
Now install only the release version of the dll for vorbis and ogg
Now Install some dependencies with CMake instead of relying on the dep dir
Now use corrects args for eog denoising
plugins/file-io: import deprecated plugins 'ovpCBoxAlgorithmCSVFile{Reader/Writer}' from certivibe and formula synchronization between Writer and Reader on order to pass ReadWrite tests.
Plugins: Added TCP Tagging callback deactivation to box uninitializations
Plugins: Added TCP Tagging stimulation passthrough to Sound Player box
Plugins: Display Cue Image box now genuinely does fullscreen
Plugins: Display Cue Image now supports TCP Tagging
Plugins: EDF File Writer now writes unrecognized stimulations as numbers
Plugins: Fixed const issues in VRPN box code
Plugins: Fixed memory leaks in the Matlab box
Plugins: Improvements to Display Cue Image
Plugins: Mods to GDF boxes wrt late-occurring stimulations
Plugins: Small improvements to Display Cue Image
Plugins: Sound Player box now supports TCP Tagging
Remove files already in cert
Remove Modifiable settings example box, as it is now included in designer
Remove unused expat + remove install of dep already in dist
Removed cert components from plugins/classification folder
Removed files that did not change since certivibe start Updated build process to build more plugins
Removed id-generator, as it is already in SDK
Rename OV_Exports and OV_Shared to OVP_Exports and OVP_Shared to correctly build plugins
Replace nmake by ninja
Rework CI scripts
Root: Removed common/, will be provided by openvibe-sdk
Second fix : In case of a PYTHONHOME pointing to a py3 install, designer launcher can now detect it and relaunch with cleared variables
Server: Drift Correction is now disabled by default
Set xDAWN Spatial Trainer INRIA to deprecated
Started updating matlab box for spectrum
STUDIO is called DESIGNER now.
Temporary fix for classification and matlab The whole plugins dir compile (or a least does not prevent it)
Toolkit: Removed toolkit. Will be provided by openvibe-sdk.
Tutorials: Added a tutorial for doing ERP recordings with OpenViBE
Tutorials: Update any tutorials relying on the electrode localization files
Update build for LIST_DEPENDENCIES_DIR + some minor fix
update build script with --install-dir and --build-dir options
Update config to automatically append tokens
Update hash for epoch average & default gain for 3D topographic map
Update NSI script
Update some of the box with spectra
update tests scenarios,DartTestfile's and some cmakes in order to pass validation tests
Updated squeleton-generator to the new plugin system
working matlab plugin