How to move online model into "production"

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How to move online model into "production"

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My goal (for now) is to use my EEG to turn a LED on and off.

I have trained a model in OpenViBE and tested an online version of the classifier model. So far, so good. Now, if possible, I would like to avoid relying on the GUI interface. I would like to load my online model as minimalistic app on the command line. Ideally, I would eventually like to have the model running on an arduino or on the EEG development board itself, so that my laptop is not required for use of the BCI.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

- Jason

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Re: How to move online model into "production"

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it is already possible to hide the gui of OpenViBE using "--invisible" command line switch (use "--help" for more informations). You will also be required to supply a script with "--play", like so

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openvibe-designer.cmd --invisible --play path_to_your_scenario 

As for using openvibe on an arduino, there is 2 problems with that :
- The hardware architecture is different from a standard laptop. I have genuinely no idea if openvibe or its dependencies can be compiled for these platforms. I think it is doable to compile OV for Raspberry pi and others 32/64b ARM platforms, but i don't see how to make OV compatible with 8/16b platforms (like most arduino are)
- Signal processing is not the most simple task. An embedded board may not have the guts to perform calculations in due time.


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