Unable to see markers

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Unable to see markers

Post by jlwatson »

Our lab had previously written a relay tool that relays a serial signal to a specified COM port. I modified the tool to the LSL Acqiusition Server Specs so that LSL AS would see the incoming signals (markers). Yesterday, OpenVIBE designer was showing these markers during a recording session (everytime a stimulation occurred). Today however, the markers are no longer visible. I have used the template that you provided for designer:

I only used the part of the scenario that does the recording and signal display (left side) as the stim component does not apply to my neeeds since my ERP markers are coming in via a COM port.

Any ideas as to how to make the markers come back on the signal display??

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Re: Unable to see markers

Post by tgaugry »

I'm afraid i can't give a direct answer to your question, as i'm lacking informations about your setup, however i can give you a few pointers to debug your issue and get additional informations :

- Check our troubleshotting guide. It might help you finding out what the problem is.
- Try to find out when the stimulations are "lost" using Stimulation Listener box
- Check if generated stimulations show up using Clock stimulator box
- LSL driver requires you to have an exact maching with channels/signals names and identifiers on both side. Maybe identifiers changed and are not matching anymore ?

Hope that helps,

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