Generic stream writer stimulation

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Generic stream writer stimulation

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Hi there.

I am new to OpenViBE community and happy to see that although being a free software, there is a dynamic environment in forums.

I am working with motor imagery scenario and wish to know how can I use "Generic stream writer" to write into the file just during the trials. I wish to know that how can I set the stimulation input in "Generic stream writer" box to a specific stimulation e.g. OVTK_GDF_Start_Of_Trial and OVTK_GDF_End_Of_Trial. Otherwise, I am concerned that the data recorded between trials are also going recorded on the .ov file.


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Re: Generic stream writer stimulation

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That's not how the generic stream writer works. "Generic" here means that it can write any kind of stream, like Spectrum, Signals or Feature vector stream.
You should write your data and your stimulations to a file, and sort the data when you use it.

But if you really want to remove the parts between trials, you could use something like the stream switch box and leave one output blank.


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