Adding Extreme Leaning Machine Classifier

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Adding Extreme Leaning Machine Classifier

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Extreme learning machine (ELM) is becoming very popular among BCI communities because of being simple and efficient. So, I am trying to add ELM Classifier in both Classifier Trainer and Classifier Processor boxes.
I have learned from yrenard website (h that my first duty have to be constructing 4 functions (train, savedata, loaddata and classify) in C++.
You know OpenVIBE has MLP classifer with 1 hidden layer, ELM has 1 hidden layer, too. So it isnt hard to convert MLP to ELM.

I have constructed these functions using Visual Studio, unfortunately I cant intergrate them in to
ovpCAlgorithmClassifierELM.cpp file (in .....\plugins\processing\classification\src\algorithms folder ) because different data types and notations are used.

I will be appreciated if exprienced users or admin of this forum could help me.

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Re: Adding Extreme Leaning Machine Classifier

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What exactly are you having trouble with ?
You do not know hot to convert the datatypes ? You are having compile time error ? etc
Without more precisions or examples, I'm afraid that all i can answer to your question is "Well, convert them".

Of course it would be my pleasure to help you, should you provide more details about what you problem actually is ;)


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