BioSemi with auxiliary sensors

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BioSemi with auxiliary sensors

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Hi all,

It's my first time using OpenVibe with my BCI research, and I'm looking into using it with a BioSemi ActivoTwo Mk2 coupled with GSR and BVP auxiliary sensors. The problem is I'm not sure how to configure the Acquisition Server in order to see my two auxiliary sensors.
Your documentation on BioSemi mentions support for 7 sensors, however I'm not able to see the GSR and BVP signals on the Signal Display box.

Could somebody guide me in how to achieve proper signal acquisition? I have the 32 electrodes A-set, and GSR/BVP auxiliary sensors coupled in the front panel of the BioSemi system (not in the Auxiliary Input Box!).
This is on OpenVibe version 1.1.0 installed on a Windows 64-bits.


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Re: BioSemi with auxiliary sensors

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I'm having the same issue with Biosemi and auxiliary sensors.

Does anyone know how to configure the acquisition server in order to be able to acquire this signal ?

Thank you!

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Re: BioSemi with auxiliary sensors

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Yes indeed, the Biosemi documentation mentions the support of 7 sensor channels.

Looking at the OpenViBE driver code, I don't see any specifics about processing these channels. If you don't see extras channels to the EEG channels you expect (in a Signal Display box for example) , I would expect that these AUX channels are not handled by the driver.

I don't have the hardware at hand to do some testing, so the only thing I can suggest is to play with the channel settings and just put a signal display box on the output of the acquisition client, to see what comes out...


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