PSD estimate through Welch's method

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PSD estimate through Welch's method

Post by don_matti »


Just wondering if anyone would benefit from Power Spectral Density estimation in OpenViBE.

I have found yet option with Welch windowing in Connectivity Measure box, but it is not the same imho. So far, OpenViBE supports FFT - Power Spectral Analysis and it could be more extended by mentioned algorithm.

Here's some useful links about this method:,'s_method.

Thanks in advance for response!


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Re: PSD estimate through Welch's method

Post by Jeff_B »

Hi Matt,
I had the same idea while using the itpp library for the SpecCSP algorithm :) the Welch estimator is already implemented (see ITPP_EXPORT vec itpp::spectrum() at, and some other PSD estimators could also be among the options of such a box:
- like autoregressive Yule-Walker estimation (thanks to itpp::yulewalk for exemple).
- like Burg estimator (see in OV: ovpCAlgorithmARBurgMethod)

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Re: PSD estimate through Welch's method

Post by elcinobacone »

Hi, we have a small group of neuroscience researchers and We would to know how calculate DSP signal about beta e theta bands. We're making an algorithm on OpenVibe designer but We don't know how integrate the function " ITPP_EXPORT vec itpp::spectrum()" implementing Welch method . We are not a programmers ...Can you help us?

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