OpenViBE v 1.1.0 is available

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OpenViBE v 1.1.0 is available

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The OpenViBE development team is happy to announce the release of v1.1.0.

You can find it here.


OpenViBE 1.1.0 comes with new features and an improvement of the general quality of the code base. A significant
effort has been made to improve the test coverage of the application. This version also introduces a new plugin
dedicated to performance measurement for classification systems. The classification plugin, the signal display and several
drivers have been improved. A new driver for EEGO has also been integrated. The Windows installer
provides an additional NeuroRT binary package providing drivers for Brain Rhythm 8, Simulator, SmartBCI and
Wearable Sensing Dry Sensor Interface.

This version was brought to you by

- Jussi T. Lindgren
- Guillaume Serriere
- Nathanaël Foy

with assistance from

- Guillermo Andrade-Barroso

and contributions from

- Mensia Technologies (, France)
- Steffen Heimes, eemagine GmbH (, Germany)

When upgrading from a previous version

- Note that TCP Writer box no longer transposes its outputs.
- Some box signatures have changed. Remember to update boxes that require it in your scenarios.

For a more detailed list of changes, please see the following message. For the TOTAL list of changes, please refer to the git log.

On behalf of the OpenViBE development team,
Serrière Guillaume, Engineer
Engineer @ ADT OpenViBE NT
Inria / France

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Re: OpenViBE v 1.1.0 is available

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Release Notes / ChangeLog version 1.1.0

Major features

- Plugins: Implemented MLP (MultiLayer Perceptron) classification algorithm.
- Plugins: Added a Regularized version of the CSP filter trainer.
- Plugins: Added a new plugin category for evaluation.
- Plugins: Added 3 new boxes to evaluation plugin: kappa coefficient, ROCCurve, General Statistics Generator.
- New open source drivers: eemagine EEGO
- New binary drivers: Brain Rhythm 8, Simulator, SmartBCI and Wearable Sensing Dry Sensor Interface.

Minor features

- Plugins: The LDA now has a native multiclass mode.
- Plugins: The Spatial Filter box now accepts a configuration file which contains a matrix (refer to the doc for the format specification).
- Plugins: The xDawn and the CSP trainer can generate matrix file for the spatial filter.
- Plugins: Various optimizations of the Spatial Filter.
- Plugins: Changed Signal Display refresh paradigm to make it handle bigger datasets.
- Plugins: TCP writer box sends Streamed Matrix and Signal in row-major order.
- Misc: Added ASCII import and export functions for IMatrix matrices
- Drivers: Extended Emotiv EPOC support to gnu/linux.
- Drivers: Added Software tagging to the universal TMSI driver.
- Drivers: Moved the check impedance option to be part of driver preferences.
- Drivers: Various updates to BrainProducts VAmp, BrainProducts Brainamp.

Tutorials & examples

- Tutorials: Added an example of stimulation passing to Python.

Notable fixes

- Designer: Made some fails explicit in scheduler.
- Designer: Added more type checking to scenario loader.
- Designer: Restore log level even in no-gui and invisible mode.
- Plugins: Fixed multiple issues in Signal Display.
- Plugins: Fixed LDA algorithm (wrong shrinkage computation).
- Plugins: Several fixes and guards added into the classification plugin.
- Plugins: Properly handle wrong settings value in Temporal Filter and Modifiable Temporal Filter.
- Plugins: Fixed EDF implementation.
- Plugins: Removed incorrect stream restrictions in Stream Switch.
- Plugins: Fixed TCP writer end of line sequence.
- Server: Fixed shortcuts.
- Server: Now avoids crashes if loading the driver ui failed.
- Server: Various minor fixes.
- Misc: Fixed all windows launch scripts to handle spaces better.

Source code reorganization, cleanup & build optimization

- Build: Enabled the support of SSE2.
- Build: Enabled multicore and vectorization in Eigen.
- Applications: Disabled the CoAdapt P300 speller which was only working on 0.18. The contributing authors are currently developing an even more robust P300 speller that is also easy to use. Stay tuned.
- Plugins: Moved Accurancy Measurement and Confusion Matrix to the evaluation plugin.


- Tests: Added an automatic test for Regularized CSP.
- Tests: Added an automatic test for ROC Curve, kappa coefficient and statistic generator.
- Tests: Added an automatic test for MLP.
- Tests: Added an automatic test for import/export matrix in toolkit.
- Tests: Added a test configuration file for OpenViBE.

Known issues / "features"

- The Windows installer version is built against SSE2. Most modern processors should have it.
- The Windows installer version was built with OpenMP flag disabled.
- On Ubuntu 14.10 and more recent, the ITPP library is not found anymore by cmake. You need to locate the file (in directory /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ in 32 bits installation) and then create a symbolic link to this file in the /usr/lib directory. The bug is related to the package and has been reported.
- Ubuntu 14.04+ : Ogre3D is not found when building. If you need this, change the FindThirdPartyOgre3D.cmake version test to 1.8.1.
- Fedora 21 : CEGUI and Ogre API have changed. Related code does not compile anymore. The code has been disabled. As a result, some demos are not available on these platforms.
- Signal Display doesn't zoom labels when zooming the signal
- Loading classifier trainer settings in the box config does not correctly restore the parameters if the load changes the number of parameters (e.g. classifier or pairing strategy type changes)