[filled] Job offer: Postdoc in realtime 3D EEG visualization

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[filled] Job offer: Postdoc in realtime 3D EEG visualization

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Edit (24.07.2015): This position has now been filled and is no longer available.

We have an OpenViBE-related postdoc position open in real-time 3D brain-activity visualization (EEG) at Inria Rennes / France.

The position is within the CominLabs project SABRE in collaboration with Telecom Bretagne.
The project concerns developing real-time EEG source localization methods in software
and hardware using either portable or high-density EEG devices (e.g. 256 electrodes) with applications
in Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), neurofeedback, and re-education. The offered position centers
around proposing and testing of novel real-time visualization methods in this context.

For more information, please see the PDF announcement.

Best regards,
Jussi T. Lindgren, PhD
Lead Engineer @ OpenViBE
Inria / France