motor imagery with Enobio 8 channels

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motor imagery with Enobio 8 channels

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Hi, I'm trying to develope a motor imagerty scenario with Enobio 8 Channels.

I'd like to detect betwen "two movements" (left hand/right hand) or (feet/both hands).

which one would be easier?? and where would I have to place the electrods for each experiment because these are the ones I could choose:

Fp2, FPz, Fp1, AF8, AF4, AF3, AF7, F8, F4, Fz, F3, F7, FC6, FC2, FC1, FC5, T8, C4, C2, Cz, C1, C3, T7, CP6, CP2, CP1, CP5, P8, P4, Pz, P3, P7, PO8, PO4, PO3, PO7, O2, Oz, O1.

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Re: motor imagery with Enobio 8 channels

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The easiest task (between left vs right hand, or feet vs both hand), would depend on your user. Some users would be better with one pair of tasks, some others with the other pair. I don't know if there is a general rule.

Regarding the electrodes, for foot movements you should use Cz, or a Laplacian over Cz (i.e., FCz, C1, Cz, C2, CPz). For left/right hand movements you should have C4 and C3 respectively, and even better also use the electrodes around as well (e.g. FC3, C1, C5, CP3 for right hand, FC4, C2, C6, CP4 for left hand). Use as many channels as possible, and then use an algorithm such as CSP (Common Spatial Patterns) to find the best channel combination.

I hope this helps,
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