Stimulation/Presentation package for cognitive experiments

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Stimulation/Presentation package for cognitive experiments

Post by hemang »

Hi Guys,
I am trying to run a few experiments in which I would like to show different pictures and videos to few subjects and to record their brain activity to observe if it can be used for biometric authentication.
Can anyone suggest any stimulation package to present the stimuli(pictures,videos) to the subject to achieve timing accuracy during signal acquisition.
I found EEVOKE provided by ANT can be used for this purpose but it can be used only on windows XP but I need something that can be run on Windows 7.
Please help guys. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Stimulation/Presentation package for cognitive experimen

Post by corvexx »

It can be late to reply, but I suggest to look at our software product- EventIDE (
It's a full-featured stimulus presentation package compatible with OpenViBE. EventIDE allows precise synchronization of online bio-signals and stimuli, for example
you can match an EEG signal to each frame of presented movie. The software allows developing arbitrary bio-feedback paradigms built over a rich and interactive stimulus presentation, alike a computer game.


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