Configuration files

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Configuration files

Post by DrMick »

Hi everybody !

So, I was trying to use my own configurations parameters, for the designer and the acquisition server.
Reading the documentation, I quickly find that I need to use a $HOME/.openviberc file (on Ubuntu), and definitively NOT the files in $HOME/.config/openvibe/
As mentioned in these files header,

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# This file is generated
# Do not modify
So i adjust my personal configuration file ($HOME/.openviberc), launch the acquisition-server and ... nothing happens. My configuration disappears somewhere in the numerical void.
The reason is simple : due to lines arrangement in the kernel/share/openvibe.conf file, the personal configuration file ($HOME/.openviberc) is read BEFORE the custom ones ( $HOME/.config/openvibe/). So the saved configuration override mine.
Solution : in the kernel/share/openvibe.conf file (or in the dist/share/openvibe/kernel/openvibe.conf one), you have move the "Include custom configuration" block BEFORE the "Include custom configuration (from deprecated location)" block.


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Re: Configuration files

Post by jtlindgren »

Hello DrMick,

many thanks for the report. After 0.15.0, there have been changes in the OpenViBE directory structure organization. We had forgotten to modify some of the documents accordingly. The current design really is that the following should be THE locations for the configuration files:

Linux : $HOME/.config/openvibe/
Windows: %APPDATA%/openvibe/

Your report also reveals a potential problem for those migrating from older openvibe versions, it didn't clearly work as expected. I'll remove the references to the 'old' locations for clarity and just add migration instructions.


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Re: Configuration files

Post by cberhanu »


Is this still an issue for Openvibe 2.2.0?
Because when I try to call the acquisition server from the command line using the --config switch for a file I created (base on acquisition-server-defaults.conf), it shows "Adding kernel configuration file [path to my file]" but still the configuration file in %APPDATA% is the only one read... What am I missing?
By the way I am using a version of Openvibe which I compiled from the source code a couple of months ago!

ps:I will look at the code when I have the chance!

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