Supported Acquisition Device list updated

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Supported Acquisition Device list updated

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Hello everyone,

We updated the acquisition devices compatibility page.

The Inria development team has lost access to several devices we used to support.
Thus, we marked the following devices as not officially supported:
- TMSi Refa 32
- BrainProducts VAmp

Please note that the TMSi devices or the devices made from TMSi amplifier units (e.g. several ANT or MindMedia devices) have been reported to work with either MindMedia Nexus32B or TMSi drivers.
As we don't have any of those devices in our lab (except for the MindMedia NeXus 32b and TMSi Porti32 - which are the same devices actually), we cannot test the acquisition in operating conditions, thus we cannot fully support these drivers.

We will do our best to help the members of the community that have these devices and are willing to support the associated openvibe driver !
Feel free to contact us for further details.

The Inria dev team-

EDIT: thanks Yann for this useful comment.
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Re: Supported Acquisition Device list updated

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see this post.