connectivity measures

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connectivity measures

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Dear OpenVibe developers,

What about developing a box and/or pipeline for estimating functional connectivity measure(s) between channels (electrodes)? For example, phase coherence or imaginary phase-coherence (volume conduction independent). A more basic measure could be calculating the correlation coefficient between spectral power of different EEG frequencies/electrodes. Functional connectivity measures could help explore and introduce more complex protocols for BCI and/or neurofeedback applications, which may potentially be informative for the accurate identification of brain state(s).

Thanks a lot for the consideration!

Best wishes,

Tomas Ros, PhD
Neurology & Imaging of Cognition Lab
Department of Fundamental Neurosciences
University of Geneva, Switzerland
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Re: connectivity measures

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Dear Tomas,

that would be indeed really useful, and actually it is planned in the OpenViBE's development roadmap. Inria will hire new engineers in October this year to further develop OpenViBE functionalities and connectivity measures are part of these new features. So the good news is there will connectivity measures in OpenViBE, the less good news for you is probably that you will have to wait several months for them to be available. But if you have some time and energy to contribute some connectivity measures in the mean time, we would be glad to help!

Best regards,

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